Fossil sunglasses

Over our lunch break Julie and I tried on some sunglasses at Fossil in our local mall. I’m iffy on these shades that I picked out to buy. They’re the Berkley Oversized Aviators and they’re only $60. I mean, I’ve tried on sunglasses that were well over a hundred bucks) and these babies are made of metal, not plastic. So it’s a pretty good price, don’t you think? Fossil-Sunglasses

I haven’t bought them yet since they don’t quite fit as well as my… ahem… five dollar sunglasses. I know I know.  But I have a really difficult time finding sunglasses for my face shape. A lot of them look way too big, and I don’t even think that I have that small of a face. I usually call myself a melon-head because in photos I thought my head was ginormous!

Either way, they’re on my maybe-list right now. What do you guys think?

Julie also tried on a pair in Madison Oversized Butterly. They were way too expensive for what they were though. They’re plastic, and they were $80. Twenty bucks more than the metal aviators I was trying on. I told her not to buy them. They did look pretty swanky on her though.

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