Addicted to cool whip

Just writing here to pass some time. Waiting for Trev to call me back to see if he’s hanging with us tonight, and Baker to come pick me up and head on down to a friends place. I curled my hair again tonight. I love the way it looks – it just takes forever to do it the way I like it!! So, I get my wisdom teeth pulled on St. Paddy’s Day. I really can’t wait to get them out, they’re bothering me more each day. I want a part time job, while I’m in school. But I’ll never find the time to work, since I’m going climbing 3-4 nights a week.. I doubt they’d accomodate to that hey? Ah well. I’m starving. I’m supposed to be having pizza at my friends place, but I can’t wait that long. I think I’ll go make me some cheeze whiz on a sammich’, oh baby! P.S: I just learned that I’m addicted to Cool Whip.

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