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I have my down payment for my car sitting in my savings account as we speak, accumulating interest on a monthly basis. No word yet on a used Mazda 3 hatch in the GS/GT model. I benefit greatly working at a Financial Institution, I can get all the insider’s report on what a car (whether it be new/used) is worth. I love having a network of Lending Department Manager’s at hand. It certainly helps a new buyer like me out, a whole lot.

I did however, contact a Mazda dealership in Burlington asking if they had the certain model that I was looking for, still in stock. I saw they had one listed on autotrader. But I’ve gotta tell you, these car sales people are desperate for a sale! Awesome! I pretty much shot down the offer that B (salesman in Burlington) wanted to list with a big fat “omfg that’s a ridiculous price. There is no way.” yet he’s still persistent, e-mailing me every few days for a chat. That’s a good sign. Especially on a car that is so darn popular around here. I see mostly charcoal, grey and silver Mazda 3’s driving around in the tri–city here, but not so much the white ones. They’re the prettiest :)


Oh he wants that sale. I replied to him that I wasn’t in a hurry (total B.S. — I want that car now!) and are presently monitoring the inventory at the local dealerships. I also asked him to please keep me posted of any new arrivals or any sales or promotions. Sigh. Sometimes being patient is a pain in the hole.

I feel like half the city is looking out for me, for my very explicit specifications: Used Mazda 3 sport GS or GT, 2006 or newer  with automatic transmission. Interior has to be white with black interior, and a sunroof would be a plus. On Thursday I called my co–workers son who owns a used car dealership and had a conference call with him and his Mom (my co–worker). It seemed to go well. Let’s hope it comes sooner than later!

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  1. I have money sitting in my savings account for a used Mazda 3 too! I’m having trouble finding a decently priced one around here though. I may settle for a newer Ford Focus. Not as awesome, but every dealership seems to have at least 5 at a crazy discounted price.

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