Remember how I said I was taking an online course and wouldn’t post for a week due to immense study time? Well the due date for the exam is tomorrow, June 5 and of course I didn’t know if June 5 was the day that they still keep accepting the exams, or if it was the cut off date. So, me being little miss organized I decided not to chance it and submit my answers pretty much last minute, to get in a much needed cram session. After hearing that my boss scored 97% with one answer just wrong I decided to make sure absolutely every question I had was positively correct in my head. Plus, my boss did a completely different course than I, but we were taking online courses at the exact same time. Just so, ya’know.So I submitted my answers not even 10 minutes ago.

How did I do?

92% baby! I only got two answers wrong. I think it’s time to celebrate!


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