Post weekend wrap up on humpday

transitionOops! I totally forgot to tell you guys what I did this weekend. Mainly Sunday though because Saturday was just full of fail. I was so sleep deprived on Sunday since we went to bed so late preparing for my boyfriend’s first tri of the season, and we also had to wake up at 6AM in order to get to the race on time, which was pretty close to Toronto.

The race was a disaster. We had to park about what seemed 4km’s away from the site with all of his bike, swim and run gear. Of course, I was the one burdened down with it all afterward, carrying it all around during the race so I wouldn’t miss a snap shot of my guy. I just didn’t want to have to walk back to the car and back to the race site, because I think I did that last year and missed him on the bike!

It was such a nasty day out too. It was incredibly gusty and the wind was enough to knock me down some times. I couldn’t imagine what it was like in the water! Poor boyfriend got a few mouthfuls of water coming in to the final leg of the swim, and didn’t do as well as he had hoped for the 750 meter.

My boyfriend mentioned he, and everyone else didn’t go as fast due to the incredibly windy day on the 30km bike. He said it literally felt dangerous. Plus there were a bunch of new racers (of course — being that it is the beginning of the race season) and they wouldn’t listen to the other athletes on the road. Ignoring commands such as “ON YOUR LEFT” when you’re trying to pass a person. You can see my boyfriend sprinting to the finish line in one of the photos I posted below. There, the guy actually some what pushed him into the sponsor banners, unknowingly.  And whatta ya know, he was a newbie. (Boyfriend is in the grey suit).

I failed at getting photos too, because people kept stepping out into the road (HUGE pet peeve) and blocking my view. Hence the photo of boyfriend’s blurry and only bike snap shot of the race. Boo!! I now leave you with some photos. (Such a negative post, lol sorry!)


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  1. Thanks for the hair advice! I love when people are just honest with me and don’t sugar coat.

    Wow – I’m so impressed with the tri! That’s pretty cool – even if it was a crappy day. But you know what, karma dictates you have an awesome day ahead. That’s how it works. The next triathalon you’ll get a park up close, with none of this dangerous wind rubbish.

    Does this mean you finished your exam(s)? How did you go?

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