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Shopping online is seriously the easiest thing in the world, and I’ve been doing it for about two years for everyone’s present (birthdays, Christmas, father/mother’s day and anniversaries). It gives me time to shop way in advance, and also scour the net for e-deals, and pay the lowest price on an item I have my eye on.


Etsy ( is one of my favourite go–to places for home made cards. Since Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, I just ordered this card for my Dad. Golly gee daddio I say! I think he received a hand made Etsy card last year, too, as a matter of fact I’m 100% positive that he did. My Mom on the other hand gets the hallmark one’s since I sometimes forget that Etsy exists. The seller that I bought my Dad’s card from, has some really funny parody stuff that I’d love to buy, and in fact I’ve bought some Thank You cards from this person as well, in 2008 some time. Let’s hope it arrives early enough for me to mail out to Daddio. I’m excited :)

earringsEtsy is addictive (once you’ve re–found it again). Once a year I get obsessed with it and have a new pile of stationary (HUGE stationary fan anyone? Raise your hand!) and I’m set for the year. Naturally, they have more than just home made cards, and stationary. I’ve been eyeing the cute little rose bud earrings (on the left. click the image to bring you to the seller’s site) for oh … a half hour. May buy them, may not. We’ll see. Why is the seller in Ontario Canada, yet the prices are in USD?  I’m noticing a trend here with dark rich purples. I’m buying a lot of “things” lately, that are that color. Must be my new fav hey?

The internet is seriously becoming my favourite thing in life. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but it’s so easy to buy something on the interwebs now days. Especially when it doesn’t have to be specifically linked to your bank account. I paid for this Fathers Day card using my PayPal account which is filled with a few bucks from paid blogging. I think even now you can pay by interac online, can’t you? I know you can now do that in taxi cabs! Everything is evolving, I tell you. It blows my mind. I’m not one to use interac, ever because of all the fraudulent scams that goes hand in hand with using a debit card. Since working at a Financial Institution, I’ve seen people get scammed out of hundreds and even thousands of dollars plus Visa or MasterCard, Pre-paid credit card or well, any credit card for that matter, is much more secure and you’ll always get your money back. So people! Put your debit cards away if you’ve got the discipline to pay off your Credit Cards monthly and go for credit! I advise the no annual fee one’s, personally. Why should I or any customer pay to promote a credit card company?  Plus, using a credit card will improve your credit score a lot too. Smart thinkin I say.

How do you pay for your things whether it be online, or just at the grocery store? Do you use credit, debit or plain ol’ cash? I’d love to know how safe you are with money what you do.

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  1. My credit card is on fire!!! I pay everything with Visa or Mastercard credit cards, I mean even the parking, the bus, …anything suitable to be paid with it. I try not to use cash because I always loose my bank notes……lucky me. How do you get money from paid blogging? That sounds quite interesting. ciao.

  2. I love etsy!! that website is dangerous! ;)

    I always use my debit card everywhere – I’m not a cash girl. Cash means “free money” that I shouldn’t be spending so I shouldn’t be carrying cash anyways, haha.

    Btw… I can’t add your blog to my google reader for some reason. I think your feed URL isn’t working?

  3. Steph Anne, people have had that problem before with my blog – the RSS feed isn’t working and I know nothing about how to fix the darn thing :(

  4. A lot of the things I buy are from sellers on livejournal (like MAC !!) and I pay with paypal. Paypal savings are from payu2blog;)

    sometimes i pay with my credit card… but thats only

  5. I use my visa when I out because its a rebate visa, if i had money in my bank account I would use that because i have a simply saving plan attached to it. As for shopping online, I dont do it often, but I have.

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