Glymm raises their prices

Yes, Glymm has raised their beauty box prices. But fret not folks!!

Members who are already receiving boxes and have been subscribed to Glymm will still benefit from the $10/box. New members signing up will have to pay the $12/month.

But Glymm has a promotion on the go where if you are looking to sign up for a box, you get the same discount as old members, if you sign up for the full year! (I know, it gets a little confusing).

(Click image to enlarge for promo code)

Sign up here to get 6 month = $60. 12 month sign up = $108.

Are you a fan of monthly beauty boxes?

I am, but the boxes are getting a little overwhelming. I receive my GlossyBoxes for free due to the referrals, I pay for Glymm boxes and TopBoxes. I unsubscribed from Loose Button because I disliked their services and duplicate products.

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