Glymm points haul

I did a Glymm points haul a few months back (see here), and I’ve since accumulated a bunch more points to buy some more goodies for myself! I placed this order back in mid-September, and a few weeks passed by and I didn’t receive any sort of e-mail notifying me that it was getting shipped out. I started to feel a bit nervous, so I e-mailed and tweeted Glymm asking them where my parcel was. I didn’t get a response back until I sent a second load of e-mails/tweets and finally they came back apologizing, saying one or two more items were not in stock.

I would’ve appreciated it if I was kept in the loop, considering I did pay the taxes (using your points doesn’t cover taxes), and was waiting on it.

Either way, it came about 5 weeks after I had placed the order. Quite long if you ask me, so take that into consideration if you plan on buying from the Glymm store.

Patience is a virtue. Thanks for the little freebie, Glymm!

All my goodies packed safely in the crinkled paper.

Ba da bing, ba da boom! Holy cow. Lots of points spent on this girl!

I’m going to try and name things off left-right.

  • Ahava hand lotion (an amazing one at that)
  • St. Tropez bronzing mousse (2)
  • Ahava mineral botanic velvet cream body wash
  • Pangea Organics shower gel in Canadian Pine with White Sage
  • T3 hair dryer!
  • Principessa lip balm (this was my “apology” freebie)
  • L.A. Fresh makeup wipes
  • Anastasia Lash Genius (a waterproof top coat to go on your mascara!!!!)
  • Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo (which was swatched. So gross)
  • Ahava bath salts (part of my Mom’s Christmas present lol)

If you subscribe to Glymm, have you ever redeemed your points? Remember Glymm points expire after 1 year. So keep that in mind!

October was my last Glymm bag, I didn’t do a video on it because I was quite busy and frankly just wasn’t in the mood to film one.

Buy your Glymm bag for $12/month.

Want to know what subscription box I like the best? Go see my comparison post! Topbox vs. Luxe Box vs. Glossybox vs Glymm!

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Glymm points

I’ve been a subscriber to Glymm boxes for a year as of July. You can see my monthly updates on YouTube where I show you unveiling videos of the new boxes that come in.

When you refer new members, or fill out surveys you earn points towards free products. I milk that for alllllll it’s worth, you guys. I put my referral link underneath my videos and of course, right here on my blog as well. So whenever someone signs up to get a new box for themselves, I get myself 50 points. Win-win!

Glymm has got to be the best Canadian subscription box out there, in my opinion. I think it was because they handed out candy for the first few months in their boxes. That must be it ;) Glymm’s customer service is A+, and I’ve never had any issues with them whatsoever. I’ve had a million and one questions when I messed up payment options, or just random questions about orders in general. They’re quick answering their e-mails back too, and the girls (and guys?) working there are just SO sweet. In fact, I even met one of the girls I used to deal with at Glymm, I met Priya in Toronto back in June!

Plus, Glymm is still one of the cheapest Canadian subscription boxes. Even if they did raise their price for new members ($12.00/month). But they still kept us old subscribers happy, and will continue to charge us the original $10.00/month. Not every company has or was willing to do that for their members.

Alright, so back to my original blog post plan. My Glymm points were slowly disappearing on a daily basis, because if you don’t already know this — Glymm points expire after 1 year. I’ve been visiting the Glymm shop on a daily basis, deciding what to get. So I finally bit the bullet and just checked out with whatever was in my shopping cart and had it delivered. I’m definitely a happy camper! Here’s my loot:

I used a coupon code to get this necklace for free with my purchase (under “Special Offers“). With all of the freebies I got, I could get some NOLA Garden Gates! Moses.

I am not affiliated with Glymm at all. I just get free points as everyone else would, referring friends.

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August Glymm Box

Now that I’ve unsubscribed from most of the monthly subscription boxes, I don’t feel as overwhelmed and I can focus on doing monthly features on the products I’ve received from my favorite companies!

Here is my August Glymm box. It came in a little black faux patent leather bag this time, so cute. As always, click the images to enlarge them…


Close ups:


CoccoLily nail polish (We received the Full Size! 15ml/$12.00)
These polishes come in 5 different shades of pink! I’m not sure what color I received, but it’s pretty as you can see in the swatches above.  

Vitamin & Sea
Cruelty Free mineral clay mask (Full Size: 210 ml / $62.00)
The face mask is made from clay directly from the Dead Sea, and will tingle when you apply it, as it softly exfoliates the skin. The organic mask is enriched with vitamins B1, B2, C, A, D and E from sweet almond oil.
Sample usage: Up to 3 uses

Bentaberry (Full size: 30ml/$22.00)
A moisturizing face cream for men or women. It is made from 100% natural active ingredients: burdock, jasmine, mandarin, blueberry, white dead-nettle and zinc pidolate. (What the heck are those last two?) Apparently it will/can diminish the redness and blemishes on your face.
Sample usage: Up to 7 uses (not so sure about that!)

Mai Couture (Full Size: 50 Sheets / $19-$26)
This is a blush paper with two pieces of paper in the package. Add color to the apples of your cheeks, just by rubbing the paper on your cheeks for an instant lift!
Sample usage: Up to 4 uses (It says on the back of the packaging use one sheet for both cheeks. So basically two uses, not four)

Naked Princess (Full Size: 2.96 ml / $26.00)
Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss
It’s the tiniest bottle of lip gloss ever, but it’s a really nice color. The scent of it reminds me of a MAC lipgloss I had a few years ago.  The consistency of this gloss is non-tacky and doesn’t stick to your lips. The color is great. The gloss is infused with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Moroccan Vanilla, & Antioxidants.
Sample usage: Up to 14 uses

Sign up for Glymm for $10./month (reoccurring members) or $12/month for new members.

This is not a sponsored blog post, I am not affiliated with Glymm.

Also! Don’t forget about entering in the contest in the blog post below.

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