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I’ve been a subscriber to Glymm boxes for a year as of July. You can see my monthly updates on YouTube where I show you unveiling videos of the new boxes that come in.

When you refer new members, or fill out surveys you earn points towards free products. I milk that for alllllll it’s worth, you guys. I put my referral link underneath my videos and of course, right here on my blog as well. So whenever someone signs up to get a new box for themselves, I get myself 50 points. Win-win!

Glymm has got to be the best Canadian subscription box out there, in my opinion. I think it was because they handed out candy for the first few months in their boxes. That must be it ;) Glymm’s customer service is A+, and I’ve never had any issues with them whatsoever. I’ve had a million and one questions when I messed up payment options, or just random questions about orders in general. They’re quick answering their e-mails back too, and the girls (and guys?) working there are just SO sweet. In fact, I even met one of the girls I used to deal with at Glymm, I met Priya in Toronto back in June!

Plus, Glymm is still one of the cheapest Canadian subscription boxes. Even if they did raise their price for new members ($12.00/month). But they still kept us old subscribers happy, and will continue to charge us the original $10.00/month. Not every company has or was willing to do that for their members.

Alright, so back to my original blog post plan. My Glymm points were slowly disappearing on a daily basis, because if you don’t already know this — Glymm points expire after 1 year. I’ve been visiting the Glymm shop on a daily basis, deciding what to get. So I finally bit the bullet and just checked out with whatever was in my shopping cart and had it delivered. I’m definitely a happy camper! Here’s my loot:

I used a coupon code to get this necklace for free with my purchase (under “Special Offers“). With all of the freebies I got, I could get some NOLA Garden Gates! Moses.

I am not affiliated with Glymm at all. I just get free points as everyone else would, referring friends.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I am new to glymm, but as of now I am very satisfy with their service. I find other Canadian beauty boxes are so pricey, and although they tend to give more full size products but I tend not to use them.

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