Diorskin Star Foundation & Concealer

Dior----StarDiorskin Star Foundation and Concealer, a new launch as of September 14 states itself as a technology breakthrough with a new approach light reflective makeup. This is the first time Dior has infused their foundation with a two-dimensional light. Warm toned pigments in the Star foundation and concealer gives a healthy finish to the skin.

Dior-Star-FoundationEasy to wear, blend and apply — Star is another great product put out by Dior.

Star foundation is weightless and glides easily over your skin. It has a flattering and brightening effect that I like, not to be mistaken with it being dewy as I find it a little more matte than I’m used to wearing. I received this Dior care package in late August while I was home in Newfoundland, so I’ve had a number of weeks to test it out and wear it. To truly show you how it looks, here is a before/after:DiorSkin-Foundation-before-You can see from the photos above it gives a soft matte finish to the skin. I didn’t apply any bronzer, mascara or blush so you can truly get a feel as to how the foundation and concealer looks on it’s own. For a closer look, see below for a before/after with the Diorskin Star concealer.

Many people complain about Dior foundations oxidizing (not so much an orange colour, but more warmth), and while I luckily haven’t had it happen to me, the Diorskin Star doesn’t oxidize on my skin nor does the Dior Hydra Life BB cream.

Dior-Star-Concealer-beforeaIt gives fantastic coverage in a featherweight formula which is easily buildable. I like to stick to one “coat” of foundation. My preferred method on applying this foundation is with BeautyBlender. Dior has one that came out with specifically for this collection, but I already have my own I decided to use that. I’ve used my real techniques foundation brush with it, and it works — it doesn’t look as nice as it could with a sponge.

Dior-Foundation-ConcealerWhile the finish isn’t my go-to dewy look, I can see many people enjoying it. I like it on my skin, it gives off a flawless look without trying too hard, yet you can still see your skin easily, underneath. It’s not heavy or cakey, but more radiant and fresh. Add to the fact Dior Star foundation has SPF 30 mixed in with it, you’re set.

Dior-Star-ConcealerDiorskin Star concealer is perfectly packaged with a sponge tip applicator to get the perfect amount on your under eye area. It too, has an illuminating effect and again, promises that those darker under eye circles will be neutralized instantaneously. Dior claims that if you use these products on the regular, you’ll notice signs of darkness, redness and discolouration to fade away.

Diorskin-Star-ConcealerI prefer applying the under eye concealer after I’ve hydrated it with one of my two favourite eye creams then blend in with my ring finger to disperse evenly. A trick I have is to apply your concealer not only under your eyes, but bring it down on your cheek, closest to your nose, in a triangle shape so it brightens your face even more than before.

Dior-StarDiorskin Star foundation comes in a wide range with 14 different shades and retails for $50 CDN. Diorskin Star concealer is $36 CDN and is available in 5 shades. Both Diorskin Star concealer and foundation are available now at Dior counters nationwide.

Have you tried this foundation yet? What are your thoughts?

What foundation do you currently use?

Disclaimer, I received all Dior products from the PR company for review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. @Ayana Pitterson: Looks like you’re in luck, Ayana – they’ve got 14 shades to choose from with a handful of darker shades. You can find some colours here: http://www.dior.com/beauty/en_us/fragrance-and-beauty/makeup/face/foundation/pr-foundation-Y0578850-studio-makeup-spectacular-brightening-weightless-perfection-long-wear-broad-spectrum-spf-30.html?gclid=CI24sY6-isECFQWUfgodnioAgg Hope that helps!
    Nancy recently posted..Diorskin Star Foundation & ConcealerMy Profile

  2. I am in the hunt for new foundation! This weekend I need to go get some but since I am not only buying vegan and cruelty free makeup, it makes it a little bit of a challenge! I love the soft matte finish with a little bit of creamy-ness to it so that it isnt so cakey looking. Haha it’s so hard to find the perfect foundation!
    Lindsay recently posted..Spaghetti Squash with GuacamoleMy Profile

  3. @Lindsay: While I’m not sure they’re vegan or cruelty free, here are a few suggestions of my fav foundations:

    – Dior Hydralife BB Cream (Light-Med buildable coverage. I wear this one every day, no hesitation)
    – Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation (dewy, everyday wear)
    – Estee Lauder Double Wear (A+ for high covereage + long lasting)
    – Make Up For Ever HD foundation (too heavy for my liking, not fond of the finish, but it’s a best-seller in Sephora and a lot of people love it)
    Nancy recently posted..Diorskin Star Foundation & ConcealerMy Profile

  4. Wow, the coverage is really nice! You don’t have much to cover, but it nicely evens out the skin tone. You’re prettyyyy, Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!
    Jordan recently posted..23/52My Profile

  5. I really want to try this because it looks like it has good coverage and is lighter than the MAC studio fix fluid I use for photo shoots, I’m just super afraid of it oxidizing, because foundations seriously almost ALWAYS do it on me. :(
    Jessica Doll recently posted..Week 39, Blocks on BlocksMy Profile

  6. I use Givenchy and Chanel Foundations and I LOVE them. Ive only ever tried the Dior airbrush can, but it got to chalking on my skin. I do want to try it again though.

    How do you do your still life photos? What lights do you use, or natural lighting? I need to work on that and I look for any tips I can!


  7. @Winter White: Hey Winter, a foundation evens out the skin tone, getting rid of redness or uneven skin colouration.

    But a concealer (for under the eye ONLY) can brighten your under eyes, and make you look more refreshed. A concealer for the face gets rid of more pigmented colours that need more coverage, like a pimple or a broken capillary. It gives more coverage than a foundation would. So moreso colour correcting than a foundation.

    I prefer to apply my concealer on top of the foundation because if I do it before I apply my foundation, it could easily budge, or smudge and lift the product off and move it around.

    Basically concealer is thicker in consistency and more opaque than a foundation. I hope that helped.
    Nancy recently posted..University Cafe, Palo AltoMy Profile

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