OTWW wuh? Outfit of the work week silly!

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Monday & Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Please tell me if this is too much. HAHA!! (answer anonymously if you please). Actually it took a lot of time to do this post, so I don’t know if I’ll continue with a “OOTD wrap up” type thing.

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  1. what kind of books do you like? I’m a huge fan of chick lit…I’ve read all of Emily Giffin books and just received her latest and I’m really excited to read it. I’ve never been able to put any of her books down!

    Nancy says: I’ll have to check her out, thanks.

  2. Favourite: Thursday! The top is gorgeous, the bermuda shorts is great and confortable. And i love the colors.

    But i love the Wednesday outfit as well! Use a belt with it and would match perfectly. And tuesday outfit is very cute, have to say that. You should wear skirts more often.

    Books? I recommend High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby. It’s not new, it’s from 1995, but it’s a great and easy read. I only read it a couple years after i first watched the movie, and all i can say that it’s amazing.

  3. Why did you blur your face out on the one day? LOL. I like your outfit shares, I’m just surprised you can get away with those shorts/pants for work. My boss would kill me. You’re lucky (cause it’s hot as balls here!)

    Nancy says: I blurred out my face because I’m vain lol. I didn’t look nice haha. Yep we’re allowed to wear those shorts at work. I never go any shorter than that out of respect – but I’ve seen some people wear shorter :/

  4. I like your shirt on Friday!
    I don’t know, I like this format better than OOTD because there’s less scrolling (I’m lazy!), plus seeing outfits side by side gives a good gauge of your style.
    Maybe do one or the other? Either OOTD or OOTWW, that would save you time. I remember from posting things like this (not of outfits specifically, but I did 365 photos) and it’s SO time consuming doing it every single day … might be easier to take a picture every day and then just one day a week edit, crop, upload and put in a post all together. :)

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