OOTD – June 14 & 15

Sweater top thing: H&M. I bet it’d look nicer with a belt wrapped around my waist or hips, but I don’t have one
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Michael Kors flats (these ones) forgot to take a picture
Watch: Fossil Stella

Getting photos of outfits of the day can be time consuming, especially when you have a dog launching at your knee caps in the a.m. Yesterday he didn’t want to be put in his crate when I was about to leave for work and he took a huge leap of faith and bounced over the baby gate we have set up for him so he can’t get into the hallway/bedroom and bathroom. Little frigger man, he’s learning how to do that. Makes me not trust him even more when I want to try and leave him alone for a few hours while I’m at work. Crate time for another little while. He’s so tiny so he gets into the smallest little crevices and eats everything he finds. His own fur balls, little pieces of dirt, and stuff that I haven’t seen before. Where does he find it all!

Cardigan: Old Navy (old news, right? I seem to wear this a lot in pictures.)
Tank: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Some boutique in town that doesn’t exist anymore
Shoes: Seychelles — Moment of Truth,  bought at Browns online

So curious as to what I do in the a.m. That’s his What?! face lol.

Over the weekend I went to the mall to kill some time, because it was a mucky humid rainy day and I didn’t want to venture out for a walk or run, and Scott was doing a century ride (100 miles? Either way it ended up being 164km’s) on his power cranks. Jeeze that boy has some crazy strong legs. SO! I went shopping. Of course.

I noticed La Senza had a sign in the front of their store saying SALE — what stores never have that? I swear, it’s just a marketing gimmick to lure people in. Well it worked, because they had bras on sale for $9.99 each and 10 undies for $30, or maybe it was $25. Everything wasn’t all picked through either, so it must have just started yesterday. I ended up picking out three new bras for myself and couldn’t use my La Senza stamp card because they were under $15 each. By the way, Canadians — this card will expire at the end of this year and we will no longer be able to get free bras!

I had my fitness assessment done to re-evaluate my measurements after work yesterday too. Blog post coming up about that. The gym I attend offers this for free every three months, but I just haven’t booked an appointment until now. Maybe I’ll do a before and after on my measurements on how much or how little things have changed since January. I wrote about it back then, but I never did speak about it in detail. I also booked it with another trainer, because if you read my previous entry, you’ll know I wasn’t impressed with the gymnast who liked to compare each other’s bodies.

Hope you all had a fantastic day at work! Don’t forget about my Lululemon giveaway!

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  1. I think your Old Navy cardigan is similar to a purple one I have from there and it’s my favorite item in my closet! I found it on sale for $9.99 when I went shopping for my SD trip and it was the perfect cover-up for the chilly nights on the beach.
    I like outfit of the day posts but like you said, it’s hard to find time! I have two kids to rally in the mornings. Maybe one day?!

  2. I love that first pic of you! So pretty!

    Nancy says: hehe. Thanks. I actually almost whited my face out in that one too. lol :)

  3. I went to a LaSenza last week and got such a good deal. The item I was buying was on sale for 16.99 which I thought was a good deal but when I got to the register it was only $8.50, originally $30! And it was a gift for a bachelorette party so that was even better!

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