Lake Tahoe Weekend

I’ve had an annoying cough since the end of October. It settled down around Christmas and got better in January. Antibiotics or an inhaler wouldn’t work as it was just a viral infection, so like a regular common cough, thankfully without the sinus issues. However I caught the annoying cough again from my husband and I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately. So, okay so I don’t really have anything to add to the blog this morning, because our weekend was pretty ordinary and laid low for the most part.

Oh. Except for the fact that we went to Lake Tahoe yesterday. I know hey? Aren’t we done with snow for a while? I told The Guy I didn’t want to see snow until next year but he suggested we go because he wanted to cross-country ski one last time this year.

We had planned on leaving Saturday, even though Jessica warned us that the traffic would be heavy. But errands on Saturday took much longer than expected, and we didn’t want to leave after dark. So we left bright eyed and bushy tailed yesterday morning at the crack of dawn. A four hour drive no less. Hey, nothing compared to what we did during the Canada to California move.

He spent a few hours skiing at Royal Gorge in Sugar Bowl. They didn’t have a good season with snow apparently, and this is what he was left to ski on. Luckily for me there was a cross country ski race going on, so I got to watch part of that.

Lake Tahoe OlympicsDrove past the signs from the 1960 Winter Olympics. I jokingly asked The Guy if that was still the Olympic Flame ;)

Vikingscholm Emerald BayAfterwards, we took a drive along Emerald Bay and stopped to look at the Vikingscholm and Mrs. Knight’s Tea House.

Vikingscholm_Crazy right?

Scott the photographerThe Guy took a bunch of photos — including one of me sliding down on my butt on part of the rocky steep area. Even though I’m a climber, I’m still afraid of heights and falling! Fear is sometimes a good thing lol.

Vikingscholm Three Monks stopped by just as we were leaving. MonksI’ve never seen Monk’s before, so I took a few photos of them when they arrived to go up along that rocky cliff a bit.

Mountains near Lake TahoeEven though the mountains around Lake Tahoe are similar in height to the rockies in Banff, they just didn’t seem as high or as impressive. Mostly due to the fact the roads were also built up on the mountains.

I’m going to go rest my cold for a bit, and tackle the living room. Our furniture and surroundings still aren’t set up the way we want them to.

Have you ever been to Tahoe?

Or how about Banff?

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