Mexx fail

purple-shirtI went into Mexx the other day to see if they had any of the new shirts that I posted earlier last week, that I was eyeing from their website. I guess I went in, tooooo early.  They didn’t have their Spring stock in yet. Instead, I bought three exact same tops from another store in different color. I guess when I like something, I totally stock up hey? I bought Purple (shown), White (I’m wearing today) and Vibrant Yellow. Yay.

I want white nail polish. I decided to write off OPI’s Bubble Bath as I have a Sally Hansen version that is prettyyyyyy much identical to what I have. Let Them Eat Ricecakes, I can’t find anywhere at the moment. I picked up some OPI Russian Navy, and OPI In Affair In Red Square. I’m not sure what I think of the Russian Navy yet. I wore it for a day, and had to take it off the next because I thought it was just a liiiiitle too dark for me, right now. (Pale skin).


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  1. I’m on the hunt for a great nailpolish too, I can’t wear dark because it always goes on too messy and I feel strange wearing it, haha.
    I love that shirt it’s so summery & cute, where is it from?!

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