Alpine Snow in your Bubble Bath? Let Them Eat Rice Cakes!

Oh gosh! Did everyone have a really great Easter Weekend or what? Most places are closed right now, especially financial institutions
— but not the financial institution that I work at. That’s okay, I had a nice break and at least it’s sunny out this morning. I’m totally going to load up on Cadbury Mini Egg’s at shoppers, once I get off work if they’re on giant discount. Mmmm….

Remember my post about requesting a sheer pink/white nail polish? I found a few swatches online, and The Sephora Dear Diary really resembles China Glaze’s —  Lavender Lingo. Mmm yeah. Pretty color, not for me. The same anonymous nail lady also did a swatch on what Jen posted into my comments that her favorite sheer, pink/white nail polish by OPI was Bubble Bath and the seemingly discontinued OPI’s Let Them Eat Rice Cakes. I also totally want to pick up Alpine Snow. I usually wear a bright white like that in the summers. I bought a black nail polish and only used it once. It made me feel weird.

For my finger nails I usually like it to be subtle/classic. Painting my toenails on the other hand I usually go a bit more wild. I usually get a pedicure quite frequently in the summer time, mainly because I’m impatient and suck at painting nails on my hands or feet. So I get this little Asian woman to do it for me for very cheap in her studio at her house in the basement. The colors that look great, personally on my own feet are OPI — Purple With A Purpose and right now I have OPI — An Affair In Red Square.

I’m headed to the mall last week and picked up some OPI polish already, but I won’t post the colors until tomorrow. They’re nothing like I had initially picked out. Oh well. Save the subtle for another day.

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a shame knowing you like OPI so much and I just did some spring cleaning and am throwing out about 15 OPI polishes that I never use! I prefer Essie- much thicker and so fn glossy. I recommended Essie on your polish post! Hopefully when you get your free one from that Glamour mag giveaway you’ll see that its superior :) I’m like you- I do wild or funky colors on my toes but stay nude/pink/clear on my fingers.

  2. Alpine Snow is great if you haven’t tried it yet! I use it for French manicures, and my sister steals it all the time just to paint her nails white. :) It gives good coverage… which can be hard with white polish! I’ve tried lotssssssssssssss of OPI colors. lol

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