Or, OPI in this case. I was looking in the mall  before my friend came to visit me and before I picked up my Sephora polish I posted two entries ago.  I went into one of the hair salons that sell OPI.  There was an abundance of colors to choose from. I loved them all, but couldn’t decide on one. But you know what? I didn’t buy them. I don’t think I was allowed to “test” them because I simply asked if I could, and the woman waved me over to her and she tested it out on a sheet of paper? Yeah, I’m not buying something that’s tested out on a sheet of paper, which resembles nothing like a fingernail. Frig that.

For my own finger nails I usually like something modest, and not too BLAM BLAM BAM “out there”. I reserve those colors for the tootsies. I was looking for a nice sheer pink. But not sheer enough that I need four coats for it to build up. I want a nice pink color where I can apply two coats and you can still KIND OF see the white tips of my finger nails, but not really. I don’t really like the Sephora color I have on my nails now, as it’s TOO pink. Not a nice shade of subtle pink/white/sheer. I have another polish from Sally Hansen, but you need 4 coats of the darn thing as it looks baby pink in the bottle, but comes out clear. It’s friggen garbage and it ‘crackles’ after a few days. I think it’s mainly because I apply so much bloody polish to try and make it a WEE bit opaque than it is. But I don’t want that. I want something that’s genuinely opaque and doesn’t require too much time or effort.

So, that being said — does anyone have any colors to suggest? (Reminder: light white–ish pinks, but not ugly light pinks. If that even make sense!) It doesn’t have to be OPI either. Just something that I can get in CANADA.

K thanks!

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  1. Hmm, I have no idea! I usually like the “wham bam whoaa” colours, lol. So sadly, my collection is full of reds, blacks, hot pinks, yellows, bright blues etc. – no light white/pinkish’s. LOL.

    And oh, to answer your question…
    I got my nails done @ Glow (the tanning place in the parking lot of the avalon mall). A lot of places in town will do tons of colours (as long as they got the paint). You can’t really see it through pictures, but the blue is actually blue sparkles! :)

    And PS: My mac stuff came today!!!!!
    The customer service representative ended up making my order an over night priority due to the credit card troubles. Not too bad ;) I’m off to try all of my stuff out now :D:D

  2. I was on a mad search for years for the perfect shade that you’re talking about! I use Bubble Bath by OPI, which DOES require about 2-3 coats, but it’s such a nice light sheer pink/white. It’s my favorite! I also like Let Them Eat Rice Cakes by OPI, but I think that may be discontinued. You can find it on eBay. It’s less sheer, but is more of a dusty pinky/white with a hint of lavender…? lol ANYWAY, hope this helps!!

  3. ususally if you go to a nail salon that has the polish they let you test it on your finger first to see if you like it. I’ve always done it. Hair salons suck.

  4. Essie- Fed Up

    Its effin gorgeous and SO shiny. You won’t be disappointed. Makes your nails look like a natural french manicure with a sheer wash of baby pink.

  5. Totally second-ing Bubble Bath by O.P.I. It is the only colour I wear on my fingers – I’m a biter with really ugly hands. It is absolutely perfect for having a nice polished look. I tend to only do one or two coats, so it’s really light when I’m done, but I think it still looks great.

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