NARS, MAC, Opi, Tweezerman, Chanel. Counters everywhere!

How did I NOT know there was a NARS counter at The Bay? I have to admit though, they’ve been doing quite a bit of overhauling and massive rennovations at the mall, and it’s just getting better. Last night I went to pick up some new Studio Sculpt Foundation from MAC (I have a review of the MAC foundations coming in a few days, in another entry), and I spotted the NARS counter directly across. After I was done purchasing my things, I immediately headed over there to look at some blushes. Mainly the two popular ones:  ‘Orgasam’ and ‘Deep Throat’. I was swatching them with my hand, and the generic cosmetic lady came over and asked if I needed help. That’s when she saw me looking at the two colors listed above. She went on this rampage about how something so sexual shouldn’t be named as a female cosmetic product and how she thought it was so wrong and all this jibber jabber. Okkk lady. That’s not how you sell things, especially something i was super excited about since a lot of people with different skin tones totally love it.

I was like O_o and just finished what I was doing, was a bit friendly to her then I was done my business there. I couldn’t handle it anymore. lol. What a weirdo. I think I’ll go back another time and have a longer look around.

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  1. Pfft, should’ve told her to GET OVER IT. lol. Geezzz..

    I wish we HAD THOSE here. All we have is Sears :'( And they took the Dior counter out.

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