Expensive taste, anyone?

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If I had all the money on the world to blow on colorful purses, and shoes I think I’d be the happiest girl in the world. I need to be on TLC’s — What Not To Wear, so I can blow five grand on fashionables.


  1. ALDO — Stanaway, these gladiator style sandals are killer. What a steal at $40, now they look terrible in that color (in my opinion) but I’m going to try them on and pick up a pair in yellow (which unfortunately isn’t shown on their website) when they go on sale.
  2. Michael Kor’s — Westside Flats. Unfortunately, they don’t come in my size as they’re only $35.99. Guess I jumped on the train too late for these babies. I wear a lot of flats to work, usually. So this would definitely get a lot of wear, if they still had them in my size. Grr.
  3. Gucci — Pop Bamboo pumps. Who knew I liked Gucci shoes? I sure as heck don’t like their bags. I thought these shoes were super cute, especially for work as they’re not too high. But they have a little spunk to ’em, ya know with the pink AND black. So nice. I love them. I want them the most out of all of these shoes I think.
  4. Michael Kor’s — Romp flat. I guess I like an orange shoe designed by Michael Kors. Too bad Winners doesn’t sell these, har har. I like how it kinda looks like your average ballet flat, but it has a kick to it — I like the zipper thing. Normally, I don’t like a lot of ‘stuff’ on shoes. But this is well done.
  5. Pedro Garcia — Daimi pumps. I’ve never even heard of this designer before. I’d love to have these tan suede high heels for a night out somewhere. But you’d have to give me a piggy back if we’re outside anywhere. I wouldn’t be getting those shoes dirty, if I bought them!

Last but not least, this Linea Pelle — Dylan Patchwork clutch. Is that just not adorable? I found a $20 coupon code for this site with all of the shoes listed on it. I went to check out (because they DO ship to Canada, thankfully), however unfortunately the turquoise clutch is no longer in stock. Sigh. Guess it really is a wish list, huh!? I’ve actually had a lot of luck, purchasing shoes online. In fact these (good god those were hard to find on google when you forgot the name of the shoe) are a pair of shoes I purchased in 2007 online from Brown’s Store in Toronto. I practically wear them everyday during the summer, so they’re a bit raggedy now. A few months ago, I wanted another backup pair for when mine got too gross. So I took it upon myself to find the designer, emailed her about how much I loved them and told her I couldn’t find any more online in my size (8.5), and wondered if they still produced them. They were discontinued the year that I bought them. Ahhg.. anyway.

Moving along… It’s PANCAKE DAY!! We’re getting bacon, sausages, and pancakes at work today – then I’m heading to Boyfriend’s place and hopefully it will be warmer than our 41ºF house … I think our furnace broke (more on that later) and he’ll make moreeeeeeee pancakes!
Have a great day!

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