Weekend Recap

I was thrilled that the weather cooperated enough for my friend to be able to make it down after a 5 hour drive from Ottawa. It was snowing quite a bit on Saturday afternoon! We decided to go to a mall that I keep hearing everyone rave about. It really wasn’t that great! lol. wtf? Yesterday, we headed out bright and early (8:30!) to catch the earliest greyhound possible, to head into Toronto and do a bit of shopping. Unfortunately for both of us, mainly for my friend — it was uneventful. She came here to shop! There wasn’t much available at all. We went into a few of our favorite stores and at the back of the store most of the shelves were literally bare. I was all WTF. None of their spring stuff was out yet. (PS. Don’t we look cold, yet super stoked to shop? haha)

I knew I wanted a few things from Sephora, so we headed there after grabbing some lunch. I picked up Benefit Bronzer in Hoola for the first time ever. I’m not sure what I think of it yet as I’m used to the WHAM BAM Bare Minerals in Warmth (which seems like I get more for my money!), and I wanted NARS Laguna bronzer as well, but of course they were sold out. Instead I picked up some Sephora by OPI nail polish. I wanted a nice not–so–sheer, but sheer at the same time, whitish pink nailpolish. (shush). So I picked up some in the color Dear Diary. I’ve got it on my nails to the left (with & without the flash) nice huh? It’s not as sheer as I wanted, but I think I applied it too thick because I was impatient to do it slowly and correctly.

I’m super cold right now. I may pop in the kitchen and make myself a gourmet hot chocolate… oh yes. Too bad there aren’t any marshmallows! Drool.

Don’t forget to check out my recipe section! I added two new onesssss.

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  1. awwa, you both do look so cold!! gotta love these Ontario winters.. ugh!!!!!
    Oh the dear diary nail polish looks really cute! :)

    I love reading recipes.. I’m going to be adding some to my site too, I looove cooking/baking!! I’ll keep checking yours out!

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