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I’m so glad it’s Friday. We had a holiday on Monday, and one would think that would make the rest of the work week fly by, but those short weeks never do for me. Earlier this week and a bit of last our mountain high snow banks completely melted with the few days of our warm spell. I got used to only wearing a lighter jacket than my normal (incredibly warm) down jacket that boyfriend got my for Christmas. Until yesterday. Yesterday was just super bitter cold again, and the wind just whipped past you. Enough to nearly knock one down. I had to go to the dentist immediately after work, but I tried racing out the door to catch an earlier bus so I’d have time to actually grab a hoody to put under my jacket and wear my winter hat. OMFG, it was insane yesterday. It was almost like having Newfoundland wind, mixed with Ontario cold. I don’t think I can describe it, unless you felt it too.

I was speaking with the CEO of our company (whom by the way is a super awesome man. Have I ever told you all how much I really do honestly love my job?) this morning and told him about my recent ride home with a co–worker.

Normally, when I take the bus like I have mentioned many times in previous posts, it takes about an hour and two bus rides to get door to door. When my co–worker drives me, it takes fifteen minutes. Crazy, yes?

Regardless of that, I was joking around with him saying that I shouldn’t take my co–worker up on ride offers, because I’ll get spoiled at how short of a trip it takes to get me home, and I will want to purchase my car without a down payment.

Plus, the darn guy has bum warmers in the car! I love bum warmers.

It’s winter, and I’m all toasty, the whole ride home. I mentioned to co–worker that he’d need to draw me a map on how to get me home, when I do purchase my vehicle. He thought that was a pretty silly request, but I genuinely need a MAP, as I only know the bus routes for this city. The CEO joked and told me that when I do purchase my car, I’ll either need a GPS or I’ll drive the exact same way as the bus drives me home now , which is totally pointless of me purchasing a car, as I’d be taing the bus route home, going all zig-zagged through the different streets, and it will end up still taking me one hour, instead of the expected 15 minutes.

I am the worst story teller ever, but I thought it was the funniest thing ever. So maybe this blog entry didn’t come out as funny as I had intended, but I hope it was somewhat entertaining you for the time being!? lol… ya.

What’s going on this weekend?

P.S: I’m making Spicy Thai Chicken with Bell Peppers and Cashews tonight, for supper. I’ll post it in my recipe section after I take photos!

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  1. I feel you. I’m always busing it everywhere and it really sucks. I can’t even imagine what it’s like in Toronto since I’m in Windsor which is much much smaller.

    I want a car :( I’ll never be able to afford one though lol

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