Does wearing something, change your status?

It takes me two buses and about an hour to get to and from work during the weekdays. Ever since I moved into my new place, I’ve been getting rides to the bus terminal with my room mate. Which usually gives me an extra half hour in the mornings to do other things. Naturally, one would eat breakfast during this time. But not I, as I can’t stomach anything early — I bring in a few things to munch on at 10 o’clock and I’m ready for the day to begin.

This leaves me with more time to get ready in the mornings; and such so, I’ve been putting more effort into the way I look, because of this. I still pick out my clothes the night before, but lately I’ve been feeling more adventurous and starting to accessorize my wardrobe. A ring or two on my fingers, a bracelet, a nice belt, spend time on a bit of makeup, doing my hair, and so on. I went on a shopping trip after work one day, and picked up some more dress pants for work. Since they’re longer than normal pants, I feel like when I wear my flats, my look is to some degree, un–polished. Which leaves me with no other: heels. (I have these great (small) heels, in both colors by the way).

What I’m trying to get at, is that when I’m dressed up, I get treated differently. Which almost disgusts me, and I’m not even sure why! I guess it’s because, I’m the same person whether or not I look fancy, right?

I’m walking in the hallway to use the washroom at work (it’s like a 4 minute walk, as we’re joined onto another office and the washrooms are in the other building), and people smile at me now. People say hello.  They acknowledge my existence! Why couldn’t they do that when I was wearing khaki’s, flats and a cotton long sleeved? I hate that because you look expensive, your status changes. I hate that when I feel that I look “prettier” so to speak, I get smiled at, and occasionally turn heads. Don’t you think that’s sort of wrong? Guess it helps the self–esteem, and forces me to dress up more often. But some days I just don’t feel like it. But I still want people to say hello to me! ha.

I don’t know. I think I’m pretty average looking, and I don’t scowl when I walk anywhere. So why don’t I get smiles when I wear “casual” wear at work?

I’m sure this happens to more people than just me.  Ugh.

Spill it.

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  1. This happens to me a lot, but usually when i’m out shopping.

    Most of the time, when i’m out shopping, I don’t really get all “dolled” up. Like if its on the weekend and at night, most likely i’m done up head to toe (because I probably have plans). But if its like, Wednesday afternoon and I just got out of class and the tanning bed, I’m def. looking pretty blah.

    Yesterday I made a quick stop to sears. I had jeans, tshirt and a coat on. My hair was in a pony tail and I had absolutely no make up on (then I no longer look like im 16. More like 12, hah). I went to the Clinque counter to ask about foundation brushes… the missus at the counter had this huge smirk on her face the whole time when I was asking. Then I asked about the price. And she smirked again.

    I don’t know, maybe she just smirks a lot but it feels like whenever I go into half expensive places (IE: Envy) they treat you awkwardly. Until you dish out $100 for a pair of jeans that is. Then it’s all smiles and “have a wonderful day!”


  2. You should make that question to the people who pretend not to see you in your low heels. Many times wearing D&G or Armani, having fingers full of gold or showing a stunning claveage is more powerful than the prettiest of the smiles. Poor hypocrite people.

  3. We’re a society completely driven by media…it’s so sad really. As soon as you “conform” to what society expects THEN you get noticed.
    It happens to me too, but I’m a sell out ….LOL :)

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