You! No buy!

February was initially supposed to be the no–buy month, on my list of things to accomplish for that month. But that was a poor, poor decision indeed. Rather than sulk at my chequing account, I still am doing pretty good with my down payment for a car. February was quite busy, as I had to pay for my outdoor soccer fees, a friend is coming to visit this weekend, whom I rarely get to see (Helloooo Toronto shopping!), and miscellaneous other stuff I spent money on.

Which leaves me to the longer month of March, it’s okay… only 3 days longer than February. But I think I will try super hard and not purchase anything for the month of March besides groceries, and bills. Bills not being anything on Visa and frivolous spending, however.

Think I can do it? Are you up for the challenge?

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  1. No matter how much someone makes, they end up spending whatever they have left over. I love challenges, and I’m trying to save up the quickest five grand I can. Everything I don’t spend, is going to my car savings! I think that’s great lol… way to go, ME.

    But in all serious-ness. I have a pretty good paying job. I budget well, in fact sometimes too tight. I just want to see how much more I can get out of it, by not spending. I hope I can do it! hehe..

  2. Haha i’m not!
    I’m always buying things. To lunch at school to clothes at the mall. :X

    That’s why I need to get a REALLY REALLY good job. So I can afford myself!

  3. march is going to be my super buy buy buy month lol! i haven’t had a job for the two last months, and therefore no money, but i will get paid this month, and i’m going shopping in copenhagen with my mom, who is coming to visit me :) i haven’t seen her in two months and i miss her A LOT!!!

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