Goooooooood morning!

Random happenings:

  • Last night we had a 10:30PM soccer game. My ankle is getting a bit worse (the top part, where your shin meets the foot), hopefully my Chiropractor will fix this on Monday morning. We thought we won, but after the game the ref and the other team were talking to my goalie and we ended up tying 2-2. Lame.
  • Picked up my purolator notice from BF’s yesterday, as I still use that as my billing address … to pick up my registered letter for my PC MASTERCARD!!! (Free groceries!) Activating this, today!
  • My room mate is going to the states for the weekend (how exciting is that? I want to do a road trip) and I’ll be looking after her sweet cats.
  • I’ll also be staying at my boyfriends place all weekend (just three hundred meters away lol) and making asparagus wrapped in chicken tonight. MMMM.
  • Doing somewhat well on the No Buy Month. Boyfriend and I want to see the movie called Watchmen in Mississauga this weekend if the weather is good enough, so I may have to break my No Buy Month :-O oh nooo! Actually. We probably won’t end up going to Mississauga, plus I have enough points on my scene card that I can watch a movie for free.
  • I need to grocery shop. Badly. I’m not eating very well this week, which is probably resulting in me feeling like crap the whole week.

What’s everyone else got planned for the weekend? Sleep? :)

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  1. I’m going grocery shopping (I actually love grocery shopping) & hopefully catch up on some much needed house cleaning & laundry.

  2. Emmysuh, click on the light blue link that says “asparagus wrapped in chicken” it’s one of many on my weekly menu. It’s really delicious, and super easy to make.

  3. I have worked hella hard this entire week, so this weekend will be all about sleeping, relaxing, and partying, and I do not feel even 1% guilty about that.

    Asparagus wrapped chicken sounds delicious — tell me how it turns out. What will you serve it with?

  4. OMG that looks delicious Nancy!!!!

    It’s all rainy in NL today and I really wanted to cook a nice supper for the bf and I since his parents are out of town, it’s raining and gross out etc. – but he decided to go to paint ball with friends :( baaah…

    Now i’m thinking about having MR. Noodles for supper for myself :(:(

  5. A soccer game that late? Wow. Hope your ankle gets better.<3

    I want to see Watchmen too, but it’s so many people out on the weekends I can hardly stand it. x_x

    I have nothing planned this weekend cept to clean the house, might spend sometime outside cause it’s supposed to be beautiful weather.

  6. 1030pm soccer game?? wow, no way in heck i’d ever be able to do it!

    i don’t know why i seem to be the only person who hasn’t even heard of this movie “watchmen” goodness i need to get out of myrock.

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