Oktoberfestin’ Fitness

My fitness routine is SLACKIN’. My membership at the gym expires in December (or maybe January) and I haven’t used it since before the summer. I don’t like being stuck indoors when you can work out outside. Same goes with October. I didn’t do too much fitness-wise, just like September. But here you have it! 

October 1. Friday — Ran 4k
October 3. Sunday — Ran the 5k race and won 3rd!

Are you serious? I worked out twice this month. I’m telling ya. It’s time to stop slacking off. Ever since it warmed up I have slowly been avoiding the gym. It’s time to get back in the game and head in. I haven’t been running outdoors because I’m a wuss and it’s cold out and I only have short sleeved, or tank tops to wear. But I purchased a $17 long sleeved zip up, so – enough excuses right? :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i just came across your blog and having a great time scrolling through your posts! i have to agree, What Not to Wear is DA BOMB. so sad we only get old episodes here in Oz. sigh…

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