My CrossFit Journal (week 49) & GIVEAWAY!


Week 49 Day 1.

7 Rounds

7 Front Squats; 165/115lbs
7 Chest To Bar Pull-ups

We had a 20 minute time limit and I finished my workout in 19:50. My wrists killed from the front squats. I lifted 55lbs in total, which was plenty. Since I still can’t do strict pullups on my own, unassisted I did 10 kips each round instead of 7 chest to bar’s.



Week 49 Day 2.


“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds:

1 Min Wall Balls; 20/16lbs  (I used 12lbs)
1 Min SDHP; 75/55lbs  – I went all out and used the 55lbs!!
1 Min Box Jumps; 24/20″ 20 inch box jumps. Totally doable
1 Min Push Press; 75/55lbs  Yep, I used 55lbs for this one too
1 Min KB Swings; 20/16kg I dropped down to 12kg for these
1 Min Rest

It didn’t seem like a bad workout, I mean it’s only 15 minutes right? It left me breathless and I stumbled to the bathroom to catch my breath and wanting to puke at the same time. I LOVE these WODs the best. The faster the better. I’m so self-competitive, I don’t want to give up.


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I also have a little surprise for you guys today! I last spoke about Goody Hair ties in a recent YouTube video that I filmed.

I thought it was appropriate to host this giveaway on my 3 weeks shy of a whole year at CrossFit. I always wear my hair up when I go to work out, of course. Since I have long hair and all. Here’s a recent find and fav of mine, the Goody Doublewear products. When the elastics are on your wrists, they look like little bracelets! Cute right? I’ve been wearing them mostly on my wrists at work as decoration. But they’re always around when I need to put my hair up. Which is never, unless I workout, which is always after work. Does that make sense? lol. DoubleWear allows you to wear a hair elastic on your wrist (and even now on your neck) and have it double as jewelry. The bracelets look great stacked with other bangles you may own. I’ve seen them displayed at Walmart, Shoppers DrugMart, and Loblaws.

What one’s are your favorite? Silver or Gold? I’m definitely loving the silver ones. Anyway, if you want to win all of the Goody DoubleWear items shown above, just use the form below and comment away! Good luck!

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  1. I’d love the silver ones! They are neat – i currently wear my ratty normal hair elastics on my wrists haha, they don’t look as pretty

  2. Congrats on almost being a CFer for a year. You and this blog inspired me to join in August. Best decision of my life!

  3. I like the silver ones the best, because I wear silver stuff. Julie would look great in the gold. You should make her win some.

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