Buyers remorse

I NEED HELP! Tell me which items you love/hate! Be honest! I love honest opinions.

So I decided to go ahead and post some outfits that I bought yesterday and today.

First up is a peacock printed dress that was pretty inexpensive for a dress, but expensive in H&M’s store. It was $39.95. I’m not sure that I want to keep it. When I first tried it on, I loved it. But I have a few issues with it. It’s too revealing and incredibly low cut (the first picture, the dress is ‘hiked up’ so it actually does go lower than this, and you can see my bra. Classy.) So I bought a camisole to go underneath, and now the straps seem a bit too large and kind of fall off my shoulders. I hate that I had to buy a cami to go under it. They didn’t have any more smaller sizes in this dress and I had to get a bigger one. I’m iffy on this. The only thing that made me want to buy it for sure was the pattern, and fabric. It’s gorg. Opinions?

Second outfit in the running is mainly from Old Navy! This cardigan was pretty stupidly expensive from Old Navy, but it’s nice and I wanted a bold color instead of wearing my basic boring colored cardigans in the colors black, white, oatmeal, and a green. The long shorts are also from Old Navy. Those are a keeper. Tank underneath is a really nice one, but now that I see up close, it may be sort of see through? Ew… but I love it. It was $18 at Jacob. Thoughts on this outfit? I may wear this one to work on Tuesday!

I also purchased 3 v neck tops from Old Navy. If you bought two or more they were cheaper… or something. I think they ended up being $8 each? I love them. Perfect for layering, which you’ll see below.

I don’t normally wear skirts, but I definitely ended up trying on more last night than I did in my entire lifetime I think. This one I’m not sure is “me“, it’s super businessey looking and actually very flattering on in person. It’s just – when the heck am I going to wear this? At least I had a $10 birthday coupon for it. It came from Ricki’s. Ehhhh…..

Then I went to Jacob and picked out some nice pieces. I think the pink tank will go back though. I also bought a white one (which you can see in the photos above – with the bright blue cardy)

Excuse the sweats… had to re-take photos of this pink/salmon colored tank.

The cardigan was something I was itching to buy. I tried on the brown/white stripe too, in XS but they didn’t have an XS in the grey. I loved the grey more, and hopefully it’ll shrink in the wash. It wasn’t much of a size difference, but more so in the arms. I don’t think it looks too sloppy does it? I’ll be pairing this with a white belt I think, across the ribs. I’ve never worn one of those “new style” (lol) belts before, and the sales associate at Jacob had me try on like 6. I loved one, but one of the buttons were broke, so I may go back and get it this week when they get more stock in my size.I layered it both with the grey tee from Old Navy, and then with the coral colored tank which … looks good. Should I return that coral one? Halp!

UGH. I LOVE long cardigans.

I bought this baby at Banana Republic last weekend. As soon as I bought it, they gave me abunch of 40% off coupons for certain dates. I think I’m going to go back to the mall and get the exact same one, and return this one (which still has the tags!). It’s so pretty. I can’t wait to see if I can get it for cheaper, hahaha!

See it up close and personal? So comfy, and so soft. Recommended purchase for sure. A bit of a splurge though.

Yes. I went wild at the mall. It’s okay though. I didn’t spend as much as you think I did. Or did I? :/

Now, please leave feedback. All of you! :)

I think I’m going to return the skirt (even though it’s perfect for business attire, and/or an interview – I just don’t feel liek I’d wear it enough), and maybe the H&M dress, and the coral top… Hmm. Decisions.

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  1. Personally, I think you look fantastic in the two dressier outfits. The peacock print dress is awesome without the cami. You might feel it is not cut well, but with your figure, it looks great for a night out or a special occassion. Throw the cami on underneath and maybe a loved cardi over it and it can double as a work outfit. In the past, I think you mentioned that you work in the eye of the public. The skirt/top combo may not feel like your style, but if I came to your place of employment, not knowing your or your personality, I would take you much more seriously in the skirt than in the old navy outfit. Just my two cents!

  2. The peacock dress is really pretty but I don’t think it’s very flattering with a cami underneath. If the cami shows under the arms, it’s not the right fit and it looks like that’s what you can see in one of the photos. Also, I think it would be more flattering if the length fell just above your knees or at your knees like the pencil skirt. Love the cardigans you picked up (my addiction too!) and the Old Navy shorts. The Jacob tops are definitely a bit sheer but a great shape. Just my 2 cents!

  3. I love both the dress and the skirt outfit on you, You may want to try a spaghtetti strap instead of the cami though because the cami looks silly under it..Unless you can sew the cami to stay in place under the dress. I don’t know though I’m torn on having anything under the dress because while it’s a bit low cut in front i think the back should stay as it is without the cami haha

    Nancy says: The thing is, you can’t tell how low cut it is on the front because I took a “decent” picture. It’s really not very flattering type of low cut, it goes almost to the end of my rib cage sort of low, and you can totally see into my bra when you view it sideways! LOL

  4. The peacock dress really isn’t very flattering to your figure. I think you should return it and spend that $40 on something that does flatter your shape. It makes you look bigger than you are.

  5. I freaking love the skirt outfit. You look hawt. :-) If it’s not right for work, wear it out on a date night.

    As for the other outfits, I’m meh for the dress. If you’re not comfortable wearing it, don’t! Take it back!

    I love the blue cardigan. I, too, have an addition for cardigans. I like the tank underneath it too. Maybe add a white or nude tank underneath so it’s not so sheer? Especially if you’re wearing it to work. I found a great stretchy, Spanx-like nude cami at Reitman’s that I love to wear under sheer shirts like this one. It’s good for me because it sucks in my little stomach pootch. But you don’t have one, so it might be overkill. :P

    V-necks are always great.

    The pink tank is ok. It’s a bit sheer too. What is up with shirts being so sheer you have to wear two. OIh, it bugs me. It’s a pretty color though and looks good under the striped sweater.

    The Banana Republic sweater looks so cozy.

    And that’s my 2 cents. :-) It looks like you had a fun shopping trip.

  6. Well I am going to be no help because I like it all! My favorite thing though is the black pencil skirt…it makes your firgure look AWESOME!

  7. Ready for a man´s point of view?
    I would definitively buy: The skirt (please match it with some other blouse)
    Banana´s and Old Navy’s cardigans
    HM’s dress (just for the summer holidays after some sun
    I would take back to the store: The striped cardigan……I hate stripes…..any kind.
    The rest items are ok, keep them if you feel comfortble when wearing them.
    I hope my opinion helps you.

    Nancy says: I love stripes, and I love that cardigan. It’s so not going back :)

  8. Hey Nancy! Nice to see the outfit posts back.

    If you don’t like the dress, return it. I don’t think it’s too revealling, but since you said it was a bit see-through, why don’t you try wearing a cotton white dress underneath instead of a cami? Still if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, return it.

    2nd outfit is a keeper. The cardigan is great, the shorts are perfect ( i have some like those, they are basicly boardshorts). The V necks are great as well, just like the cardigans.

    I loved that skirt! Don’t return it, go ahead and actually use it. =] You look great wearing it. I would use a plain colour blouse to match it though.

    Didn’t like that pink tank, it’s too see-through. The white too, but it made a great combination on the 2nd outfit.

  9. I’m going to say return the peacock dress. If you don’t love it, you’re better off to spend your money on something else. Plus, I think there is probably a more flattering cut for your body type. I’m LOVING that skirt outfit on you! You might feel like it’s too dressy for work, but if you wear it with confidence, people will be like, “dang, this girl knows what’s up!” ;)

    Make sure when you wear a black blouse that you wear a black bra beneath it! :)

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