OOTWW & Nail Polish Canada’s free shipping

How comfortable are you with online shopping?

I buy a good 25% or more of my clothes, and shoes online. Not so much makeup but I wouldn’t include nail polish in that category.

This is going to sound like such an advertisement, but it’s not. I’m not getting paid or asked to promote this. BUT. Nail Polish Canada is well, a Canadian nail polish company (duh) based out west and they have a tremendous amount of nail polish brands to choose from.

nancy lauraIn fact, Laura from our meetup (that’s us in the photo) last weekend buys her Zoya nail polish from there.

Get this. Nail Polish Canada sells their polishes for a better deal than you’d find at Shoppers Drug Mart. It won’t cost you $9.99 for a bottle of China Glaze. It’s $6.95 online. With free shipping I may add.

I asked Nail Polish Canada how long their free shipping promo is going on for, and it’s definitely on until the end of September. So if you want to do a bit of shopping this weekend try and hit up their website and stock up.

Onto the outfits of the work week.ootwwTonight we’re going to keep it pretty relaxed. I think the Boyf has some plans on cleaning up the apartment a little bit and putting away some of his work/tool bench things while I look online  for solid machine handles for this machinery piece he told me to search for. 

Don’t forget to enter my Philosophy gift set giveaway, for Canadians only.

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  1. It’s true!!!! Zoya = my favorite! And on NailPolishCanada.com, the prices are the best! And their shipping is free and FAST. I got my fall colors from Zoya and China Glaze in two days! :)

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