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Hey yo — I can pat myself on the back, can’t I? Well. I’m totally doing it regardless. It makes me feel GRRRR-EAT. Tony the Tiger style. Not to be mistaken with Tigger from Winnie the Pooh: Grrrr. That’s G double guh, urrrr!

doUhm. Just a photo. Since it’s been a while. Like my ‘do?

I’ve kept it up all month!! Remember the post I wrote back a few weeks ago about “Getting into a routine?” I’m going to write about my FEBRUARY (workout) ACCOMPLISHMENTS below, and copy the 1st week of February’s gym sesh’s below from my previous post.

♥ February 1-6
Sweat (5:30-6:15). What a not so fun class. I hate being un-coordinated and being completely lost and not even sweat a bullet at the gym. Perhaps this is because I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.
Boot Camp (5:15-6:15) — This class literally whoops anyone’s butt. I was so sore for days afterward. This is the second time I went to this class, but I don’t know when I went to it. Maybe December??
Thurs: Core Conditioning (5:30-6:00) & Wave (6:00-6:20). I swear this isn’t my favorite class. It’s just a habit that I attend because on Tuesday’s I have to choose between two awesome classes that are the Boot Camp and Biking. Which is why you’ll see alternating classes on those days.

♥ February 7-13
Sweat (5:30-6:15). Alright. I’m never going to this class again. I’m not sweating or getting my heart rate up at all. SEEEYUH.
Boot Camp (5:15-6:15). I wanted to skip this class on Tuesday. But I knew it worked, and I knew it would be killer, and I’d feel amazing after. So I went, and I felt all of the above.
Core Conditioning (5:30-6:00) & Wave (6:00-6:20) This week I was sick, or sleep deprived. I wasn’t feeling up to going to the gym at all. But I can’t break my routine!

♥ February 14-20
Mon: Work hiz-oliday. Ohhh yeeeeh. No sweat class today. In fact, I only go to that class so I can squeeze in 3x work outs during a week. This class sucks, since I have no coordination. It’s like a step/dance/moving class. So weird. Oh right, never mind. I quit that class! Har.
Tues: Boot Camp (5:15-6:15) I ended up loving this class today. I felt all pumped up and didn’t get so winded! lol
Thurs: Core Conditioning (5:30-6:00) & Wave (6:00-6:20)
Fri: Boot Camp (6:45am – 7:30am), Yes you read that correctly folks. I woke up early and headed to the gym this A.M. BRUTAL.

♥ February 21-28
Mon: Boot Camp (6:45am – 7:30am) Didn’t like the instructor in this one, and I remember she had us doing laps around the small studio? Hard on those knees.
Boot Camp (5:15-6:15). This is my regular instructor who has impeccable energy and I LOVE all of her classes. Two days in a ro
w = rock hard body. lol
Thurs: Core Conditioning (5:30-6:00) & Wave (6:00-6:20). Always a good sweat on Thursdays after the Wave. Oh yeeeh. PUSH YOURSELF!
Saturday: Boot Camp (9:00 – 10:00). Boot Camp, three times a week. I think it’s safe to say I love getting my ass whooped in this class. 2 minute intervals of strength/cardio. Awesome workout that leaves me stank. Lovely way to end the month.

My goal for March? Go 4x a week all month long! My workouts will change as of March, since Alfie goes to Level I of Obedience School which will now be on Mondays! Yippee, I get my strength class back on Wednesday’s after work. Hopefully this will be easy!

Bring it on March!

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  1. wow you’re working/gym routine is insane. I go twice a week for an hr. (same day, same time) cuz thats all my schedule allows. Good luck going 4x a month this month!

  2. Wow!!! This is awesome, and makes me feel realllllly lazy! :x

    I can’t wait for my kids to get a little bigger so I can fit in a workout routine or even start going to the gym.. its very much needed after baby #4!

  3. Thanks ladies

    It’s so much easier when you have a consistent schedule. If I skip a day, I start falling off the wagon – but it’s okay because I made up for it just on Saturday by doing another boot camp in the A.M. which totally made me feel guilt free the whole weekend then!

    If you know what days you set yourself up to go to the gym on, I think it’s much harder to break. Because if you’re inconsistent with popping by the gym, than it’s probably harder to get into a routine. Well, for me anyway!

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