Plan that supper out, lady!


I have decided to partake in Menu Plan Monday and be organized this week! She even has a ton of recipes to choose from.

Monday: Asparagus wrapped in Chicken [ x ]

Tuesday: Pork chops, mashed potatoes, and either broccoli or carrots. Maybe both!

Wednesday: Kitchen sink stuffed chicken [ x ]

Thursday: Chicken Pad Thai [ x ]

Friday: Quiche [ x ], garlic bread and a summer salad

Saturday: Chicken, roasted potatoes, and carrots

Sunday: BBQ Asian Stir fry [ x ]

I don’t always stick to the meal plan. Some days I get completely lazy and end up just making pasta with sauce and shredded cheese, or just a big ol’ frozen pizza.

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  1. This is something that would probably benefit me and my family. I never plan ahead I just usually get up in the morning and figure out what I’m going to make.. this would be much easier!

  2. It definitely makes things easier, because sometimes if I’m feeling energetic I often chop up veggies and whatever I need for dinner that night / put it in the fridge and everything’s basically ready to be cooked!

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