Ways to hydrate your body naturally

Hydrating-headerAlthough summer is almost over (let’s not talk about it). I still think it’s important to talk about hydration, even leading into the autumn months. Included in the post will be healthy, easy recipes for those to recreate on a hot day (or… a cool day now that we’re heading into fall). But let’s be real, I feel like California is super hot well into September-October.

It’s obvious that drinking water is a great way to re-hydrate your body. But sometimes it’s great to have alternatives. Here are my 10 beneficial ways to achieve your glowing healthy skin, and here’s to a more hydrated body!

pressed-juiceryPressed Juicery //
Cold pressed juices can be drank as a meal replacement, a juice cleanse or as a snack. There are tons of varieties of Pressed Juicery juices to choose from. My favourites are the Strawberry + Apple + Lime combo, or Citrus 1! The chocolate almond one is such a nice one to drink too, kind of reminds me of chocolate milk.

cucumber-radish-saladCucumber Radish Salad // 
This is a light refreshing salad with a bit of kick to it, thanks to the radish. I’ve been making this a few times per week this summer, for lunch, since I don’t want to be cooking too much in the heat.

Ingredients: Cucumber, radish, feta, sprinkle of dill. Optional dressing: lemon juice, oil & vinegar, garlic. 

watermelon-saladWatermelon Salad // 
There’s nothing easier than a watermelon bowl is there. This one is yellow! I had never seen a yellow watermelon until I spotted it at Trader Joe’s last week! I think it tastes different than regular watermelon. Just eat a whole bowl full, or grab one of Pressed Juicery signature watermelon drinks.

Ingredients: watermelon, feta (or mozza!), olive oil, lime juice, salt & pepper.

Acai bowlAcai bowl //
We have been making acai bowls every single weekend this summer. It’s a healthier alternative to icecream, and is just as satisfying.

Ingredients for acai bowl (for 2): 3 Sambazon frozen packets, 1 banana, ½ cup frozen blueberries, a handful of fresh strawberries, top it off with a splash of milk (skim).
Ingredients for topping (for 2): 1 chopped up banana, chopped up strawberries, granola, and coconut flakes.

zero-waterPurified water //
You should start with clean water when hydrating. ZeroWater is the only pour through device/pitcher NSF certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals. It also eliminates TDS (total dissolved solids). Although I have no problem drinking refrigerated California tap-water, Scott says he tastes something different in it. So, now we’ve switched to using our ZeroWater filter.

diorHydrating face masks //
Although eating and drinking liquids is best, it’s always nice to pamper yourself with hydrating facial masks too. These mini Dior pods I bought from Sephora are great for 2-3 nights in a row. Apply as a mask, or keep on overnight, your face will feel so soft!

What are some of your tips to keep hydrated? 

Thanks to Pressed Juicery, ZeroWater, and Sambazon for teaming up with me so I could present this post to you.

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