My CrossFit Journal (Week 3)

My popeye arms (yes, plural) are back to normal. [Read about my swollen elbows from last week.]

Olive Oyl normal? Ha ha!!! I can workout regularly again! So I did, 5 days in a row in fact. WOA.

Day 1: Last Sunday’s workout was working with a ‘teammate’ and basically here’s the workout we did together.

1 set/round
30 Ring Dips Combined
150 Wall balls (while the other person held a plank – we didn’t EACH do 150, again it was combined)
30 Ring Dips Combined
150 Box Jumps (while the other person he
ld the “hollow hold” a difficult ab workout)
30 Ring Dips Combined

What the workout looked like:


Day 2: Monday’s workout was as many sets as you could do in 15 minutes, but since there was only a few of us doing the 15 minute round and everyone else was doing 20, we decided to not stop. But first the warmup —oh brotha, we had to skip 300 times, do inchworms back and forth, then push ups, and after that lunges. Sweating before we even start!

AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
75 skips (can I tell you right now, that I used to be awesome at Double Dutch skipping as a kid, now I can barely skip 15 times in a row!)
5 dead lifts (T and I were teamed up so we used 75lbs)
75 skips
10 kettlebell swings (I used 8kg kettlebell)

I was annoyed with this workout because the skipping slowed me down. I had to stare at a spot on the wall and just concentrate on keeping everything timed perfectly. I can’t wait to be able to do double unders (swing the rope twice and jumping only once. BAM! Looks hard.), but at the moment when I try DU’s the rope smacks my butt pretty hard and stings lol.

What the workout looked like:


Day 3: The warm up we ended up doing on Tuesday left me gasping for air and sweating like a guy. It was great. We even had the choice to run outside or do 40 mountain climbs. I wasn’t looking forward to the run outside, but my friend convinced me! I took photos of the warm up and our workout scale (apparently that’s the name of it, right?). I think I got it right. Either that or scale means the lower (‘easier’) workout.

I tweeted right as I drove to another gym to pick up my Boyf who was doing interval run training, and I tweeted this. I worked out so hard and so fast this night, I wanted to feel that PUSH again.

(Note: I did not barf. Just felt the need to lol)

Lots of laps in there, and we were givin’er too on the laps! Here was our scheduled workout:

I guess there was a second warmup too, since we had to do 100 three times of cross over skipping, or double unders—which is near impossible for me since the skipping rope keeps whipping my legs and butt, literally. It stings!

AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
12 Pistols (basically squat with one leg – we didn’t go as low as the photo shows lol)
10 Burpees
8 Supine Pull-ups

What the workout looked like:

The workout was apparently only 12 minutes long, but you had to punch out as many rounds as you could. Since my supines were on the way-easy side this day, I was going super fast because I was almost standing up. Ugh. The trainer told me to do it this way til I got used to the technique, since we both didn’t want me to injure my elbows again and have them swell up. I ended up doing NEARLY five rounds, I finished my burpees just when the clocked beeped and we had to stop. Can I just say one thing? I freaking love burpees. I was speeding through those like no other. Loved it. The pistols however, left my legs weak at the end of the workout.


Day 4: Wednesday’s WOD (Workout of the day!) My ITB or whatever that ligament is called along the side of the kneecap gets easily irritated. Therefor I had to do a modified workout this day.I don’t remember a lot of the warmup, but I know we had to do planks in there

AMRAP in 12 minutes. Can I just say I’m kinda getting tired of pumping out as many reps as possible in a quick amount of time? I like counting down some days, lol maybe tomorrow will be different.
10 push ups
10 kettle bell front squats

I managed to do 7.5 rounds (meaning finished the push ups in time but not starting the squats.  I ended up using a 16kg kettlebell and nearly dropped the darn thing numerous times. It was a difficult one! Also starting to love push ups, probably because I can do them fast. But only fast on my knees.

What the workout looked like:

This is what everyone else was doing instead of my kettle bell squats. I forget what this was called:

Thanks google images! (Psst, check out her awesome abs)


Day 5: OH MY GOD. 5 work outs in 5 days. This was what I had originally planned. I’m not as sore, or as tired as I thought I would be. But my hands have taken a beating. Reminds me of the climbing days!

We did “death by pull ups”, which wasn’t hard as it actually sounded. Probably because I was told to stop due to the ripping on my hands. You start off with one whole minute to do 1 pull up, then wait til the clock hits 2mins, and you do 2 pullups. 3rd minute – 3 pullups. I made it to 12 minutes and I felt that I could keep going. Don’t think I’m a super strong chick who can just do pull ups on her own. I was using this elastic band type of thing where you put your foot in it and it takes off 50 or 70lbs off your weight, so it makes it incredibly easy.

I’m not sure I’ll be posting photos in the week, unless the wordy post gets to you and you’re not interested without a some photos. But let me know if you guys are interested in me updating these workouts to go with the photos. It took a lot of work these last three weeks to find the correct photos and post them.

Should I keep posting photos of CrossFit workouts?

Yes, I love knowing what exercises are what.

No, I can look them up if I’m that interested.

Doesn’t matter to me! free polls

POLL EMBEDDED for those that read via google rss.

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  1. I have no idea how you’re enduring this, but it makes me SO envious! All of that stuff sounds positively brutal.

    Nancy says: I don’t think it’s that hard to get used to it. The first two weeks were pretty sore/painful days, but after that you feel addicted and want more more more. I love it.

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