Date night in Niagara Falls

A few weeks ago I blogged about a hotel stay and free voucher for The Keg that was available for purchase at the Ramada hotel in Niagara Falls. On Friday, we went! Scott wasn’t able to leave work as early as originally planned, so I came home and packed our overnight bags and picked him up at work as needed.

It took us a little over two hours to arrive so as soon as we checked into the hotel, we were notified of the free shuttle that comes twice an hour to drop people off at the attractions. The Keg being one of them, in the Embassy Suites hotel. Quite fancy, over looking both the USA Falls, and Niagara Falls. I didn’t end up taking any photos of the falls as we were enjoying our fancy meals and having good conversation. I have only been to the Keg maybe 3 times prior to this trip, and I completely forgot they had complimentary fresh baked buns/bread. So we chowed down on that and also ordered a ceasar salad each before getting our succulent meals.

I ordered the Honey Dijon Salmon which was served with some asparagus and my choice of roasted garlic mashed potatoes. The salmon literally melted in my mouth, I hardly had to put my chompers to work!

The boyf ended up ordering a 20oz steak, lol. It was completely polished off after he was done with it.

We were debating whether or not to go all out and have some dessert as we were both pretty full by this point. Apparently the server was surprised I polished off my meal. She said she was quite impressed. Ha! I’d say I polished it off, it was flipping $29.00, it better be floating all in my belly and not in some garbage can for that price.

So, we ordered a fancy dessert. It was ice cream, and it was mocha-ey, chocolatey fudge, with caramel and slivered almonds. I could’ve definitely eaten two slabs of this myself, but I was reserved for once and shared with my Boyfriend.

After we left the restaurant we decided to head back to the hotel and put on more layers of clothing and head out and explore. We hadn’t seen Niagara Falls during the winter, and it was definitely a bitter cold night. I’ll spare you the details of how many layers I actually wore and was still chilled and just show you some photos of us.

Inside the building/mall part of Embassy Suites. So ritzy looking. The building, not me.

There’s a casino inside… we looked around inside here a few years ago when the Duathlon and Triathlon used to be in Niagara. They canceled it, so we never come down to the Falls anymore!

Snapping a stalker secretive shot of the Boyf. Check out that bum. Oh yea, he works out. Sarrrrry Scott. He’ll probably ask me to take it down when he reads this blog in a few days, weeks, months. ha! NOIWILLNOT.They had a candy shop inside this place.HUGE!!! Gimmie chocolate. Scott thought I was being weird to take this shot quickly, and told me that I’d make a good Chinese person, since I like to take a lot of photos. I like to ignore him when he makes those statements.We weren’t to successful getting a night time shot of Niagara Falls, since I suggested Scott not bring his SLR camera out into the misty rain. Sorry Mom! (She wanted some dreamy looking photos of the falls.) Oops.Oh, then it was time to go outside. Next to the falls. We didn’t see a soul. Gee, I wonder how come. Can you see how cold I was? My teeth were chattering and my nose was running. Remember how many layers that I said I didn’t want to tell you I had on? Well I’m going to tell you. Because I want you to FEEL for me. 2 tee’s, 1 long sleeved, 1 fleece, 1 rain coat, 1 red pea coat. SIX LAYERS peeples. You know I complained. At least it was fun.We walked up the hill with all of the attractions. This place is buzzlin’ in the summer time. Let me tell you!

After about an hour of talking and walking we decided to finally catch the shuttle bus back to our hotel and spent the night watching some luxurious cable tv. So many channels to choose from! We were soo lost. I ended up watching Sister Wives on TLC—they were baking cupcakes for their parents wedding anniversary? So stupid, yet so addicting. Millionaire Match Maker wasn’t on this time. Hahaha..There was an iHop restaurant in our hotel, which again we had another coupon for that came with the room. $10 off a minimum purchase of $25 or so. I gotta say, I wasn’t the hugest fan of the 80’s decor, nor the 1990’s top 40 music, but the food was pretty good. Wanna know something crazy? I asked for a hard boiled egg and she told me they couldn’t make that for me. What gives? I guess I don’t go to many breakfast spots, so maybe a lot of places don’t do that?

It was 5ºc outside the next morning and we decided to take advantage out of every last shuttle ride we could. We headed down to the falls again and took some more photos.This was the casino/Embassy Suites Keg area we were in, the night prior. This place is SOO pretty in the summer.The couples mandatory self portrait. It wasn’t really that sunny out. Photoshop helped out a bit.

This time the boyfriend brought his fancy camera and I was his el model.Oh and some photos of the falls without my fat winter hat in the way. Like my purse? So do I. Best $30 spent at H&M last August.

Fake CN tower with a revolving restaurant just like the CN Tower’s. Isn’t there some sort of architectural copy right on those sort of buildings? Whatever.

Just as we were about to hop back into my little car and head home, I had to stop back into our hotel for a moment to piddle. After, we both noticed some flyers for touristy things to do, and I certainly notice the brochure that said OUTLET MALLLLL. Whoa. I’ve never really been to one. I mean, I suppose I have back when I was 14 years old in Buffalo NY but that doesn’t count because I don’t remember it all that well. We had to check this place out. It wasn’t very big—40 stores, but I did end up picking up a Nike fleece zip jacket for $23.

It has thumb loops!

Tommy Hilfiger also had some really outrageous deals, and I wanted so badly to blow so much of my paycheque on everything (and I don’t even LIKE their clothing!), so that goes to show you how good it really was.

I gotta say, I felt so relaxed and so genuinely happy this past weekend. It was SO out of our normal routine to do something like this since we’re both really frugal and careful with our money. It was really great to get out of town like that for a night.

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  1. I went to that casino when I was filming!! So weird, when I was inside losing money my phone switched over to AT&T and told me I was in the US…but I was still in Canada haha.
    I miss Ontario!

  2. WOW! The shots of the Falls are really gorgeous!! It looks like you two had a fun time. I have 2 comments…First, how hard can it be for IHOP to make you a hard boiled egg! That surprises me. Second, how have you not been to more than one outlet mall?? We have one about 45 minutes from my house that has about 200 stores and a whole designer end with Nordstroms, Niemens, Saks, Michael Korrs, Coach…I could go on and on! See yet another reason why you probably should come to Austin at some point! :)

    Nancy says: I know, it was strange about the hard boiled egg hey? I love the designer stores – I’d love to see what Nordstroms is like one day…

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