Fashion Friday: What I Wore to BlogHer’14

What-I-Wore-BlogHer14I thought it was due time to publish another outfit of the day post, and what better time to do it than at a blogging conference? My friend Jessica snapped and edited these photos of me (minus the one’s in the blue dress because we forgot to do them that day). I felt fancy, modelling for her.






charlotte russe sunglasses
etsy necklace, dynamite top
target pants, tory burch flats

Fun fact about that Hawaiian top. I bought three of them last summer. I know, overkill. I loved the shirt so much I never wanted it to wear out. Thankfully I came to my senses and gave one of them to my sister-in-law while she was visiting. Now I simply have a back up. The target pants make me feel phenomenal in them, they hug me in all of the right places. But heavens, they’re terrible to sit down in — the fabric won’t budge.

I have a few more outfits that were photographed by Jessica throughout the BlogHer’14 conference in San Jose. Stay tuned and they’ll be featured next week.

4 Ways To Make Your Summer Pedicure Last


Who doesn’t love getting pampered once in a while? I love going to the salon and getting my toes painted fun, bright colours, especially during the summer when I’ve been rocking a bit more self-tanner than usual and I’m blending in with all the California tanned skinned people. I’m not the pale Canadian any more. By all means rock your paleness if you choose to do so. I personally prefer a bit of sun kissed glow to my skin.

I know it can be annoying to get a chip in your polish a few days after paying big bucks to get them done professionally, or even at home. Today I’m sharing my secrets with you on how to make your summer pedicure last.

Dior-nail-polishesBring your own nail polish

I’m not going to get into details, but I’m positive bringing your own polish to a salon is far more sanitary than using the ones provided. I don’t know how long the polish has been sitting on the shelves, which that can add into the factor of your polish not living up to its full potential. Bonus is that when you bring your own polish and it happens to chip, you have the exact colour to touch up.

Scrub your feet often

Dry heels and feet are a total eyesore, so why not keep them soft and smooth every way you can? Buy yourself a pumice stone with a handle (tweezerman is the best one I’ve used). After you’ve been in the shower and your feet are washed, and warmed up, give those heels a good scrub to keep them looking in tip top shape. I prefer to keep my heels and feet as soft and supple looking as possible, so I do this step every day.

Sephora-Cuticle-OilMoisturize your feet and cuticles

Keeping your feet looking moisturized makes them look healthier and prevent you from future dry cracked heels which can be painful. Applying a cuticle oil will help your pedicure to look fresh and of course, will help your polish last.

Apply a clear top coat

Take any clear top coat nail polish, apply a fresh coat of polish to your nail to keep it looking glossy and brand new. Another added tip is if you apply your clear coat polish to the edges of your nails (where you clip them), it will prevent any polish from lifting and chipping. Seche Vite, and Dior polishes are my go-to for top coats.

BlogHer14 Recap: 1 sentence per picture

Absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder. I don’t get to see too much of The Guy, because during the week day of course I’m home alone as he works — but we both have our own fitness schedules. He has to train for his upcoming triathlons, and I’m always climbing, going to the gym, or doing yoga. The only time we truly get to spend together is on Saturday and Sunday, and this past weekend I headed off to BlogHer’14. It was a great event, but I definitely missed my husband. How cheesy do I sound right now? Tell me. C’mon.

I have a boat load of photos to show you from the conference, so instead of writing about it, I’ll show you mainly in photos with a sentence or two underneath each picture. That’s cool, right?

BlogHer-EppaSangria1 Eppa sponsored a yoga and sangria event outside the San Jose Museum of Art. White sangria is tasty.

BlogHer-EppaSangria2Whole Foods sponsored a bit of cheese, crackers and nuts. Also got a ton of Soybu hair ties. These ribbon hair ties are the best, so I got as many as I could.

BlogHer-EppaSangria3Sarah, Jessica and I showing our hair tie arm party. The event was hosted outside the San Jose Museum of Art, so it was a pretty nice area, downtown.

BlogHer-day2San Jose palm trees lit up. Photoboming Jessica’s selfie. A flower given to me by Yoplait. Hanging out in the Hairfinity booth.

BlogHer-Famous-PplSaw some famous people: Blogger – Jenny Lawson from The Blogess, and Actor – Kerry Washington.

BlogHer-Khloe-KardashianOh. Khloe Kardashian too, that was cool.

BlogHer14-Khloe-KardashianI was pleasantly surprised at how small she was. Tabloids must photoshop her larger, because she wasn’t bigger than me by any means. I didn’t line up for a photo with her, as I’m not a huge fan or anything. But still wanted to take a snapshot of her. I mean, she IS famous afterall.

BlogHer-CuisinartTruthfully, I’m more excited to see people I’ve made friends with throughout the conference. Including Dan, from Jersey. Having someone you can talk to, connect with, laugh and crack jokes with is far more fun.

BlogHer-Found-My-CanadiansI found my Canadians! Julie, Tiffany, Me, Christine and Sarah.

BlogHer-CDNsMore Canadians! Katie and I had a ton in common. Both lived out east (Her in Halifax, I’m from Newfoundland), both lived in the same area of Waterloo, Ontario. I mean – in 2010 we were living one street away. I know. Get out of town. Small friggen world.

BlogHer-More-CanadiansAnd Katie’s colleague, who is also a Canadian who I forget his name. I do recall it begins with a P. I get so excited when I see people from back home, even if we only met!

BlogHer-foodSome of the food I ate at BlogHer. You wouldn’t believe how many times I went back for a slush from Sonic. I won’t tell.

BlogHer-SonicMy outfits for one of the days. Sonic guy and I. Smiling for Skype.

BlogHer-SelfieBlogHer’14 is in its tenth year, which calls for a Selfiebration. The theme of the conference this year.

BlogHer-Red+WhiteI felt fancy. I’m excited to bring you a blog post soon, about my outfits I wore to BlogHer.

BlogHer-Outfit-shotsTook photos of Jessica too, along with our matching shoes.

BlogHer-McDonalds-SmileMcDonalds sponsored the closing party. Happy Meal face made out of roses? You betcha I was excited about this.

BlogHer-McDonaldsYes, I may have had two Happy Meals. I love McDonalds!! I’m yelling that out in the last picture.

BlogHer-McDonalds-ClosingPhotoboming Kelly, Sarah and Marissa‘s selfie. McDonald’s food truck x2, then Sarah and I posing again.

BlogHer-RevRunRev Run from Run DMC DJ’ed, taking us back to the 80′s and 90′s.

BlogHer-McDonalds-PartyMeeting new friends, thanks to McDonalds.

BlogHer-McD-eventModelling my new dress. Decorations. Carla & I (who I met at the Blog Party a few weeks ago).

BlogHer-McD-Jess-NancyJessica and I enjoying Rev Run DJ’ing.

BlogHer-BloggersNew blog friends Sarah, Kelly, Karen, Carla, Ashley, Alyssa (who lives in Tokyo!) and Jessica.


Alyssa and Carla, Jessica and I.

BlogHer’14 was a fun, and I’m so glad I met a few more local bloggers, network with companies, oggle at celebrities, and explore new-to-me products.

Blasts from the past

I’m recycling old posts today, blasts from the past if you will.

Collecting posts that had a lot of hits and views on the good ol’ blog that I think may be of some value to new readers who haven’t had the chance to look through them. I’ve categorized them into beauty, fitness and general blogging tips.

—  Beauty posts —



Dior Nail Lacquers

Looking for the perfect pink nail polish? Grab the Dior Tra-La-La nail polish that launched this spring.

Make Up For Ever cream blush

Make Up For Ever launched a universal cream blush that will suit any skin tone. I use cream blushes all year round, but they are especially perfect for summer to achieve a healthy glow on the apples of your cheeks.


Self-tanning routine

A walk-through on how to use at home self-tanners without turning orange.


Are epilators worth the pain?

I took it to the test. First shaving, then I got into waxing. How do I feel about epilators using little tweezers to pluck individual hairs out at an alarming pace?

— Fitness posts —


Nancy archesHow I became a rock climber

The history of my 19 years and counting, climbing hobby.

paleo-burger-n-friesWhy I gave up paleo

I completed a 30 day paleo challenge at my local CrossFit box. Won first place for accomplishing the most. 10 pounds gone on my small frame, yet I gave it up. Why?

Alberta CanadaAccomplished Fitness Milestones

Rock Climbing, CrossFit, Hiking the rockies — these are a few of my accomplished fitness milestones.

lululemon-vs-costcoLululemon vs. Costco workout clothing

Are we paying through the nose for a brand name, or are we paying for quality?

— Blogging tips —


STAPLES Upholstered Leather ChairHow to stay organized when you have a blog

Have a schedule, know when to photograph, de-clutter your workspace and more key points about staying organized.

YSL Spring 2014Taking blog photos indoors

Sometimes it’s chilly, or windy outside and you’re only free one day a week to take blog photos. Make the most out of it with knowing how and when to take your blog photos.

out-with-old-in-with-newBranding and Blog Re-Design

Constructive criticism was difficult to hear, but it made me evaluate the look of my blog. I redesigned it in April, 2014.

I’ll be taking the remainder of the week off from blogging as I’ll be attending the BlogHer’14 conference in San Jose from July 24-26. I’ll be back early next week with a recap or two.