Exploring Bay Area Playgrounds: Muwékma Park

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Muwékma Park
1035 Indian Wells Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Muwékma Park is a dedication to the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area. The newest playground in the Bay Area is 6.5 acres big. This is an accessible playground and officially opened at the end of July. When we visited, it didn’t even have a name yet!

This playground has a customplay structure designed to mimic a tree house with the largest transplanted redwood becoming the centre of the playground (info source: eptdesign). Each “tree house” is connected by a series of ramps making the play structure wheelchair accessible. My boys (20 months, and 4 years old) enjoyed it, but I definitely had to keep an eye on my little one as one of the structures (shown below) wasn’t the safest for someone who doesn’t know what danger/falling is just yet, ha.

Alongside the play area of the park there’s a huge grassy field and a path for your biking or scooterin’ needs. Next to that there’s an enclosed dog park to bring your pup, too. Clean/new bathrooms on site.

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Exploring Bay Area Playgrounds: Braly Park

For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do with my website. I always enjoy writing here and updating you, and I noticed I hadn’t updated in FOUR months. Holy jeeze. I want to get better with that, now that I’m a bit better with my time management after having two boys. I have a little system/schedule going now, and I can definitely fit some time in for blogging these days. So hello, again! Let’s jump into what I randomly came up with this morning…

My boys and I enjoy heading out to the forest for adventures or visiting the local playgrounds in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley (similar style to my Exploring Coffee Shops back in the day). I decided to create a somewhat weekly post about the ones we’ve been going to for the past couple of years, and finding new ones. I had been posting and sharing about these on my Instagram page each time we come across a new-to-us one, and now I’m also going to document about it here (you know, in case instagram decides to shut down randomly one day and I lose everything I ever posted!).

Braly Park, Sunnyvale California
704 Daffodil Ct, Sunnyvale CA 94086

Braly Park is a Japanese-themed park and is located on 5.6 acres of land. There’s a decent sized parking lot, off street.

This playground has a huge field for playing with your kids, flying a kite, throwing ball to your pup. There’s a bathroom on site, 3 picnic areas with electrical outlets, horseshoe pit, shuffleboard and sand volleyball court (no nets). I haven’t seen anyone play volleyball while there, but the kids seem to love playing in the sand and the water from the splash pad drains down into the sand creating a lovely experience for those that enjoy playing in the muck! Ha! Tip: If ever playing in sand/wet sand/sunscreen + sand, bring baby powder. Dash it onto the areas where you’re full of sand and it removes it like nothin’ I’ve ever seen. Wild.

I’m all about playgrounds that don’t have wood chips. Wood chips have a tendency to get everywhere: in our shoes,splinters, and landing on them when you have a new walker isn’t comfortable either. This is a great playground and the entire area is cushiony/soft/spongy material. Not sure of the technical term ;)

It has a play structure for older kids, and a toddler area with tons of shade, and a few musical instruments for the kids to make some tunes. We love the small frog splash pad area and sand. My boys could spend hours here.

Definitely check this one out!

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National Drug Take Back Day is coming up

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #AprilDrugTakeBackDaySC

I can’t say it enough – how important it is to keep children away from your medicine cabinet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have one kid who is the ultimate rule-follower and the younger boy is into absolutely everything. We have to hide everything, as he’d rather poke around than play with his own toys. Medicines and cleaners are tucked away in high cupboards that he cannot reach, and our unused/expired medicines are brought to a LifeInCheck™ kiosk to be properly disposed of to prevent accidental drug poisoning, or worse.

I’m here to raise awareness of the LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back program, as I did earlier this year. It’s incredibly easy to use their kiosks at their many locations. I’m bringing this back up again, as National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is on April 30, 2022. Anyone who wants to dispose of their prescription medications now have the ability to do so with many of their kiosks across the country.

Did you know you should never flush medicine down the toilet, pour down a drain, or throw out in the garbage? I assumed this was common sense, perhaps it’s not. Not only is it incredibly damaging to our environment, the drugs could also unfortunately be abused by others.

The goal of National Drug Take back day is to educate consumers about the dangers of not disposing of medicine properly. Many are aware of the massive opioid crisis that is plaguing many families, LifeInCheck created a Consumer Drug Take-Back program that provides consumers with a safe option to discard their unused or outdated prescription medications in secure kiosks located across the US.

LifeInCheck has created this tool to help you safely dispose of unused or expired medications.

Simply enter your zip code and they will provide a list of safe drug take-back kiosks in your area. Please note: In California, they do not allow pet meds or sharps.

Thank you for helping to protect your family and our communities.


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