MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Lipsticks (try on!)

MUFE-headerMAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Lipsticks launched this summer, 2016. I have six of the many shades to try, so I thought I’d do both a YouTube swatch video, and a blog post (depending on people’s preference).

MUFEnewlipsticksThese are really sleek as the tip of the lipstick is more narrow than usual, acting as a lip liner and a lipstick all in one. You’ll have two formulas to choose from: matte and cream and there’s a large selection too. 31 cream lipsticks and 15 matte. The MAKE UP FOR EVER world is your oyster, folks. An array of beauty shades to choose from.

The formulation of these lipsticks are incredibly long wearing, but also super saturated in pigmentation. No need to glide over twice to achieve an opaque look. One swipe and you’re grand. Sure, how nice is that? The formula of the Artist Rouge lipsticks won’t bleed or feather off your lips either. In fact, the dark purple shade (c506) faded beautifully after I ate some lunch with it on, ha! So that’s awesome.

On the bottom of the lipstick bullet you’ll see a number, but before that you’ll either see an “m” or a “c”, each representing the formula as I stated above. Let’s see how they look like swatched both on the back of my hand (my kissy-lips signature, lately!) and on my lips.

MUFEc105MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge lipstick| C105 — a greige beige

MUFEc211MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge lipstick| C211 — in rose wood [universally flattering shade!]

MUFEm401MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge lipstick| M401 — hot red [limited edition]

MUFEc502MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge lipstick| C502 — taupe violet

MUFEm100MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge lipstick| M100 — cream beige

MUFEc506MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge lipstick| C506 — dark purple

MUFElipsticksPick up any of the 46 shades from MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Rouge Lipsticks $27CDN | $22USD

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Google Pixel Unboxing #giftfromgoogle

The Pixel, Phone by Google was announced on October 4, 2016 and I wanted to do an unboxing video of Googles new smartphone for the first time. Pretty sure this is the fanciest cell phone I have had to date. This is exciting you guys!

Do note this isn’t a review or talking about any specific features of the phone just yet, that is in another video which is also linked below. I’m simply sharing its arrival and unboxing it for the first time. I mean, it only came out in stores today! Basically I’m showing you what you’ll get, if you order the new Google Pixel phone.

More information below on the specs, price, looks and pre-order detail of Pixel and Pixel XL.

IMG_20161013_120518Let’s get to it. It’s a short 4:40 minute video, so take a look.


Remember, this is my first tech unboxing video so take it easy on me (watch my video of turning on the Google Pixel for the first time, with a demo at the end).

Check out the specs, price, looks and pre-order detail of Pixel and Pixel XL.
#madebygoogle, #giftfromgoogle

I feel like Christmas came early. Oh man, what a beauty.

So, questions for you guys: What are your thoughts on the new Google Pixel phone?

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Aēsop in Santana Row!

Aēsop one of those brands that you only hear from, by word-of-mouth. They do not advertise, nor do they have sales. But it’s still one of my most sought after skincare brands. I scoped out 1 of 4 of their San Francisco signature spaces last year (see my blog post here about it) and I’ve been frequently visiting ever since.

Aesop-Santana-RowLucky for us Silicon Valley residents, we now have our own signature store right in the heart of Santana Row, tucked in between Gucci, and Tesla. Since is architecturally designed completely different that one another, I wanted to have an oggle at the store with my own eyes. So I took Alfie yesterday morning just two weeks after they opened up shop.

Aesop-skincareSleek and amber packaging fills the space.

AesopI’m drawn to their apothecary-style, and simple design for packaging. Can my house look like this?

Santana-Row-AesopWhile I didn’t pick anything up during this particular visit, I’ll definitely be back to buy one of my favourite hand creams from them. In addition to skincare, Aēsop also has hair care, soaps and fragrance products. Have you ever used their products before?

Dennis Paphitis an ex-hairdresser is the creator behind Aēsop which launched in Australia, in 1987. Aēsop doesn’t call themselves a natural brand. They celebrate science and understand that they need a blend of well-chosen man-made ingredients with exceptional botanical ingredients to make remarkable products. I admire that they don’t look at what other companies are doing, nor are they influenced by trends. Aēsop doesn’t speak about anti-aging — they talk about health.

Aēsop | Santana Row
333 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128
T 408 320 1866
WTwitter | Instagram

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