bareMinerals bare Sensuals eyeshadow palette

An easy everyday makeup look using some of my favourite products. This is a little different than the step-by-steps I normally do when I post a tutorial, but I thought most know how to achieve the complexion look. So I thought I’d go more into detail with the eyes.  

A few weeks ago I received a PR parcel from bareMinerals which contained two eyeshadow palettes. They’re new, and this one above is called bareminerals bare sensuals eyeshadow palette. Not many palettes appeal to me, and truthfully I think this is the first time I wore eyeshadow in 2017 itself.

Here’s everything I used for the look. For my complexion I used a mix of two foundations since I felt the skin match for both foundations by themselves weren’t quite as a good match as two mixed. 

The Look:
Estee Lauder Double Wear in 3W1 + Burberry Cashmere Foundation in Honey
Cle de Peau concealer in beige (not shown)
BECCA Cosmetics sunlit bronzer in Bronzed Bondi (see my review!)
BECCA Cosmetics Blushes in Snapdragon and Flowerchild (mixed together)
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Fix
bareMinerals bare Sensuals eyeshadow palette
Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in Honey Bare (see my review!)
It Cosmetics mascara
Burberry Effortless Liquid Liner
Anastasia brow products (unknown name!)

Before starting on the eyeshadow I prepped my eyelids (so the shadow would stand out more, and last all day) with the Urban Decay primer potion.

I used four shades from the palette, the selection is shown here:

I used Waltz all over the lid. Second colour was Shazam and I applied it over top of half of the Waltz shade. Mystify went into the outer eye area and a bit into the crease. To finalize the four shades and blend them seamlessly, I used lure into the crease.

I then reached for the Burberry Effortless eyeliner to polish off the eyeshadow look.

Add some It Cosmetics Superhero mascara to make those lashes long and luscious.

Finished off the look with my favourite lip product (and colour) of the season – the Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in Honey Bare. It’s SO good. I brought it with me to my trip to Palo Alto, and also to Portland.

And this is the overall look. Pretty easy and natural looking too.

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Five Things Friday . 007


[Disclaimer: This was a sponsored campaign with Kia #ad #Cadenza17] Yesterday I took an at-home test drive in a second gen in the new 2017 Kia Cadenza. A luxury Kia at that! A trained Kia representative literally came to my front door, rang the bell (Alfie went wild as you’d expect) and off we went exploring in San Jose for 90 minutes! The last time I drove a Kia was around this time last year, it was the Sedona so although it was a bit fancy-pants too, it wasn’t anything like the luxury of the Kia. I know I know! Kia + Luxury together doesn’t really go together in my head either. But SO much has changed over the past decade with this brand, and trust me – it feels like you’re sitting in a higher end name brand vehicle.

I kept saying “Oh whoa, cool” with the features that were shown to me. Too bright out your back windshield? No problem, hit the remote control on the center console and boom a little sun visor comes right up from the rear window and you have yourself a little less sun exposure. Wild right? I got it on video if you have IG stories and want to see it before it disappears (spiffykerms on Instagram).

The at-home test drive is a unique experience that I’ve never really had before. I didn’t feel pressured to talk about what other vehicles I was interested in, or whether or not I’m interested in purchasing said vehicle. I felt quite comfortable with it all, and even had a laugh or two as we were driving around the Bay Area. The at-home test drive is currently available in these cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, San Francisco (Bay Area), and Washington DC. As for the dates you can choose this weekend or Friday June 16.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a new vehicle and you’re not sure what to narrow down. Don’t want to be hoppin’ all over the farm going from dealership to dealership – do the at-home test drive man! I bet it’d be incredibly quick and convenient for so many people and families. You can sign up for your own test drive here


Holy smokes, Father’s Day is coming up quickly. I was at the mall a few days ago getting my wedding ring inspected (and they took it from me again to get ‘fixed’ – another story, another time, and yes I’m beyond angry) and I overheard a Mother and Daughter shopping for Father’s Day presents. Last year for Christmas was the first one without my Daddio, but I have a brother and a lot of nephews! For the older boys and my Brother, I gifted them a Harry’s razor set – and now Harry’s Razors have come out with a Father’s Day limited edition set which come with a little block-stand for the razor, extra razors, and . I think Harry’s launched not too long ago, found ’em on Instagram (thanks to Target Does It Again), and have been purchasing them for myself ever since. I don’t know why but it seems I can always get a closer and smoother shave with a men’s razor. Plus, mine’s orange and I kinda love it.


My trip to Portland with Heels and Wheels driving event, then spending time with my pal Megan was fantastic! I cannot wait to finished editing my photos of the second part of my trip, so I can post it up for yee guys asap. Let me tell ya one thing though, I definitely ate my entire few days through Portland. So many great places to eat, and excellent lattes. I swear it wasn’t because I was on vacation-mode, but the lattes were truly the best I’ve had in my life. Portland, I’ll be back for ya. 


I’m still working with, and running in Mizuno’s. These are the newest additions to my ever-growing running shoe collection, but they’re still my favourite line of shoe at Mizuno, the Wave Rider’s. These are perfect for the June Gloom weather as they’re made of Gortex! 


DIY hair elastics. I made them back in 2014, or 2015 and now I have no idea where the rest of the one’s I made disappeared. I bought them on eBay this time as it was so much cheaper than the other website I used a few years ago. It’s SO easy, literally cut to whatever length you want and bam, you got some swanky little hair ties. Just search for ‘5 yard fold over elastic’, and I paid $3 + free shipping for these three bundles. :) 

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Third time’s a charm at Heels and Wheels

You might’ve seen from all the photos I tweeted, or on Instagram stories that I was in Portland Oregon last week with Heels and Wheels. My third time attending! I tell ya, third time’s a charm hey? Just pinch me! It’s such a privilege to get that invite to attend a driving event put off by women, for women. Just like other years, I was in the mix of many influential professionals from well-known magazines, and newspapers to bloggers like myself.

I know darn well Christine and her team at Overstreet Events pour their heart into the event each year, and each year gets better than the last. In 2015 it was the Palm Springs trip – I was invited to go in place of Jasmine to represent Simply Real Moms. 2016 was up in Bend Oregon, and now this year down the road from Bend, Portland!

This past year was quite different for me as the previous two I attended, it was in collaboration with one car manufacturer. This year, there was tons of vehicle brands ranging from Mazda to Aston Martin. WHICH I got to drive.

I flew into Portland pretty early as I knew my pal Megan and I could hang before going to the hotel to change for dinner and drinks with the Heels and Wheels crowd. Megan, Piper and I spent the day talking mostly, but exploring a few spots in Portland. We ate lunch at Cheese and Crack which, if you’re a cheese lover you must go. I love snack plates, and I love cheese. A win win.

Hotel Lucia was my home for the next two nights, right in the core of the downtown area. The bed was massive (yes to sleeping sideways!) with beautiful old buildings outside my window for the view. It was grand.

The excitement of the thoughts of our second day packed with driving had me up at the crack of dawn. I guess when you’re with a great group of women who had you belly-laughing the entire night before definitely makes for a wonderful experience, getting you stoked for spending the day with them and the cars. I always look forward to seeing familiar faces at Heels and Wheels. It’s really touching, as one of my buddies there even asked how my Mother was doing after she knew my Father had passed away. So although this is more of the lifestyle post rather than a car-reviewer post (and you know ya won’t be gettin’ car reviews here sure), I do love the event, and enjoyed meeting the new-to-me faces this year.

You know the driving day was my favourite. Look at the lineup of vehicles. So many choices!

Photo courtesy of Heels and Wheels

I first hopped into the Mazda CX5 as I knew how familiar it would be, considering I drive Mazda’s regularly and I own one. I didn’t stop to take photos while we were driving because I wanted to connect with the women I was driving with, chat with them, and plus there was a professional photographer on site snappin’ photos of us driving too.

Photo courtesy of Heels and Wheels
Photos courtesy of Heels and Wheels

Jaguar F-Type was another vehicle I hopped into with my writer-friend Nicole.

Photo courtesy of Heels and Wheels

I feel confident and comfortable driving with her as she knows so much more about cars than I do. It was a tiny sports car, that, oh you know cost over a $100 grand. We had a driving route we followed that went through gorgeous winding country roads. Nicole pressed a button for me while I was driving the Jag (ha, we’re on a short-name basis now… ‘the jag’) that when I let up on the gas, it made a bubbling gurgle noise and I couldn’t get enough of it and every time I did it, I started giggling.

The roof was down on the Range Rover Evoke for part of the day, and we took it for a spin down one of the Portland bridges, blasted the tunes Build Me Up Buttercup and sang our heart out, see the video of it here. It was my favourite part of the trip.

Behind-the-scenes, trading business cards with Rene. She had new ones! I wanted some :)

Photo courtesy of Heels and Wheels

Of course you know I wanted to step in the Aston Martin and drive that beauty. Valentine was the Aston Martin rep (I know, isn’t her name awesome?) and thought I was the most enthusiastic person there. OF COURSE I WAS. It’s a James-Freaking-Bond car. I mean I rarely see Aston Martin’s on the road, let alone sit in the drivers seat and DRIVE ONE. I’m still ecstatic over it. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Meet, the Aston Martin DB11 (with me giggling off to the side about to sit in it for the first time).

Would you believe me if I said I had to sit in the drivers seat for a few minutes to stop my hands from shaking? I guess I was nervous to drive it. Oh I don’t know, maybe because it was $230,000? It was explained to me that the Aston Martin was a gentleman’s car, and that it was. It drove smoothly, wasn’t difficult to drive, it was comfortable, and exudes pure luxury. I mean the tick-tocker doesn’t even sound like a tick-tocker! I had the indicator turned on, and asked Valentine “something’s wrong, what’s that knocking noise?”. Unbelievable.

Blue everything. The blue exterior paint on the Aston Martin is made from shards of glass to give that extra sparkle, and takes 50+ hours to apply.

Photo courtesy of Heels and Wheels
Photo courtesy of Heels and Wheels

As always, I had an excellent time with the women at Heels and Wheels this year. Truly — thank you so much to Christine and Overstreet Events for inviting me again, it’s such a privilege. You know I had a blast as I couldn’t wipe that smile off my face while I was there :)

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