How I set my mornings up so they run as smoothly as possible.

I bought a clothing rack on Amazon last month and back in the day, I’m talking way over a decade ago when we lived in Canada, I used to do these daily OOTD pictures and post them up here on spiffykerms at the end of the week – anyone remember those?

Well I started to have to do them again but mom-edition. I pick out my clothes that I want to wear that week, including my bras, undies and even jackets. I put them on hangers and grab the first one in line to wear. I do the same with my boy’s clothes. I love putting together little outfits for them and with my eldest I also include his undies/socks. Each night I take an outfit from his basket and bring it into the “morning basket” is what I call it. Inside the morning basket is this: a water sprayer for his hair, a comb, a brush, sunscreen, and the two boy’s outfits. That way after breakfast clean-up the stuff to get ready for school is right there on the table and there’s no rushing around. It’s fantastic, and I think I’m a genius for coming up with it on my own, ha!

The nightly routine is a slower pace. As much as I reeeeeeally dislike doing it – I must tidy up the entire kitchen before going to bed. Such a dreaded chore. I load the dishwasher, clean the air fryer if used, and put it away in the cupboard because I dislike bulky things out taking up so much space even if it’s used daily. I fill up my sons water bottle, pop it in the fridge, and get his snacks ready for the day and add it to his backpack.

I kinda stick to my plan about 5-6 days out of the entire week with cleaning the kitchen before I head to bed. But it sets me up for success in the morning with a tidy counter-space to make breakfast and get it on the table by a certain time.

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What I’m wearing in my 3rd pregnancy

I got rid of everything baby related items from 0-12months, maternity wear, and I think most of the baby gear too. So I’m on the hunt for only the essentials this time around. I still want to get a rolling bassinet for the baby, and then for the clothes we still need a few more items. We have time! I think!

But this time around I knew what I wanted to wear. I don’t tend to wear many maternity tops and just stick to oversized tees and sweaters. But considering how big my belly gets with these ten pounders I knew I wanted a specific style of maternity pants. I bought these leggings from Target, love ’em. But I bought them a bit too big and they do slide down throughout the day.

I am an avid lover of all things Blanqi Girls makes, so I reached out to them a few months back and they sent me a lot more than I asked for which ….isn’t that the best? I already did my social posts for them and they have no idea I’m writing a post about their leggings but honest to golly their maternity support leggings are the absolute must-haves in my opinion. They just FEEL different on the belly, and that’s because they have some magical built in belly support band that makes my belly feel completely weightless and does not slide down. If you’re pregnant and not knowing what to put on that Christmas and Holiday wishlist this year – thiiiiiiis is it.


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Big and healthy babies runs in this family

Well there is baby # 3! That is so wild for me to say….a third baby.

This photo is over two months old at one of the growth scans I had done in either July or August. The other week I had a fetal echo to check on baby’s heart. All’s well. But of course I’m known on my chart as “oh you’re the one with the ten pound babies!“. Yes, I am. And this one is following suit. Baby is proportionately large with legs and arms measuring 4 weeks ahead at some measurements and everything else at the 99th percentile. Big n’ healthy babies is what runs in this family.

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