Tips to use self-tanner if you’re afraid to dive in

I’m loving self-tanners. I waited until the 2010’s to start diving in, and I’ve been adding a bit of glow to my skin regularly for the past five years. Mainly because “back in the day” the tanners were streaky, a tad orange, and well….still a bit stinky (okay they still are stinky). I didn’t want to dive into a pool of orange streaks. But now that I’ve pretty much have the routine down pat, I thought I’d tell you what I know, so far.

Folks, it’s that final stretch of winter where we can almost see a glimpse of spring. I have a simple self-tanning hack that will bring your spring glow (not summer, ’cause we aren’t getting dark-dark here with this tanner hack).

All you need is a cream or liquid self-tanner (I favour the mousse formulas, but skip this for this tanning-hack), and your daily moisturizer. And gloves. Always wear gloves. That’s it.

Mix a dime sized amount of self-tanner with your moisturizer and apply to your face/neck. Repeat every morning until you start to see a bronzed tint appear, it doesn’t take long (a couple of days) for the colour to build up. Your end results end up being more of a subtle glow, and quite natural looking.

What tanner(s) do I use? I’ve been using these two in combination with one another for a few years: St. Moriz ($12) & Fake Bake Liquid ($32). Wait for an ULTA 20% off sale, and stock up then.

A bonus tip: during the hot summer months, consider storing your self-tanners in the fridge so they don’t go bad as quickly.

Hope this helps!

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Decluttering my life

So I haven’t logged into my WordPress since December. SO much has changed and now I feel like I’m learning the whole platform all over again. It’s really strange looking and kinda basic. Why’d they change it? lol. I can’t preview any of my 200+ drafts (lol yes I have too many unedited posts that I’ve never posted, some, years old).

Anyway, this post is a four month old draft that I’m revising and wanting to post. I’d love to blog (and Instagram) more. I miss chitchatting on here. I want to share my favourites with you again. My weekly edits, of what my favourites are. What I’m wearing (if you care) , and my simplified beauty routine. My life is starting to become clean and clutter free. Ugh it’s fantastic. I recently followed Clean Mama on Instagram and it’s keeping me accountable because I can use her hashtag with my daily house-chore progress hah! I used to reserve it for just one day a week, and if I missed that day I’d get super annoyed with myself.I believe our environment affects our stress levels. No doubt about it. For instance, now I don’t want to fuss too much in the morning with what to wear. I’ve created my own sort of uniform to wear each day the past few months, which consists of basic tees and jeans/leggings. Everything matches. It also helps to lay out everything, the clothes you’re going to wear the next day including undergarments the night before. Anyone else do that? I’m a fan. Plus, I don’t want to dip into any precious time by unnecessarily making decisions on what to wear.

Know what I’m getting at?

I’m not posting this decluttering my life all because of the Marie Kondo Netflix show. Although, I did watch that and enjoy it. I’m not turning minimalist, but at the same time I don’t mind if it goes that way. I mean, I’m getting rid of stuff that keeps my mind too busy with “what should I do with this?”. The clothes in the dresser drawers that I never reach for have now been donated. The piles of PR makeup + bought makeup have also been given away months ago. I’m relieved. Now my space where I get ready is much neater. It was pretty freeing donating all that endless amounts of makeup/clothes. I kept a few makeup pieces that I wear daily. Then the rest is a few backups, and some (not going to lie) props for flatlays. Geeze, flatlays really are my jam. If I could be a product photographer, I’d love it. Any brands listening? Just someone come by and clean up the mess after that’d be great.

I’m deliberately seeking a more manageable, calm mind. Being in the present with my baby boy the past 11.5 months. Living in the moment, and nurturing and holding on to it. Of course I’m exhausted sometimes Who isn’t. Caffeine helps. But I’ll never complain about him, or whine about how tired I am.

To wind down in the evenings I mindlessly scroll on Instagram. It’s my vice. I just love it, and I love flicking through the photos of clean design. Beautiful and simple home decor.I’m making time for things that matter most in life and I’m not in a comparison trap with anyone. I love where I am.

The end. Welcome 2019.

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A Canadian Christmas

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

You guys! We made it! We’re in Canada now! Everyone is here, and everyone is freezing – but I am so beyond stoked right now.

I haven’t been back to Newfoundland during snowy season in two years. I can’t believe it – that time flew by I guess because I definitely don’t miss snow (did I mention that it’s SO cold here?), but appreciate it for the short time that I’m fully in it. The last time I was home during winter, was the extended trip when my Father had passed away in 2016. We used to head home regularly, but last year was full of Alfie’s cancer appointments, and me being super-pregnant and unable to travel. We’ve headed home to Newfoundland on a happier note this year as we bring home our sweet little California baby, to introduce him to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time. He’s not getting a ton of naps in during the day because of all the goin’-on’s, but he’s so tired come bedtime he’s almost sleeping through the night. Almost. Hallelujah.

It’s the first time that we traveled anywhere as a family of four including Alfie. I mean really, he never not joins us. Navigating the airport was thankfully not so bad since we checked two suitcases and that lessened our load of carry-ons. Bebs did better than expected on the two long flights back to Newfoundland, and only screamed once or twice ;) My tips (that other Mom-friends told me – I can’t take any credit) – bring all the snacks, allow all the cartoons, change babys diaper before you board. I ended up bringing a new toy, and his favourite teddy bear. I guess a 10 month old baby is somewhat easy to entertain (ie: he was playing with a plastic drinking cup when the airline gave me a drink of water). Score.

We ended up getting the UPPAbaby MINU for the trip home. I first saw the UPPAbaby MINU advertised online, then my Mom-pal Emily ended up getting one for her little boy (who is just a few weeks younger than bebs). When I saw it in person, I loved it.

As you might know, we have the UPPAbaby VISTA too. The MINU is significantly lighter: VISTA weighs 26.6lbs, MINU is less than 15lbs! It really packs a punch, with an amazingly sturdy frame. We simply didn’t want a lot of added weight to cart home, or more importantly, carrying it all throughout the airport. I love that the MINU is a one-hand action fold. I literally was carrying bebs in one arm and did the quick one-handed fold, then strapped it onto my one shoulder when it was time to board the plane.

This right here is the sound and colour of happiness. Ahh, crispy air, rosy cheeks and happy hearts. Isn’t it beautiful in Newfoundland? Have you ever been to the east coast of Canada? (Also, notice that Alfie is even wearing his little winter coat, sweet puppa!)

So follow along my Instagram for the next little while, as I show you how I easily use the UPPAbaby MINU around St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada for our daily excursions in the great Canadian winter!

Featuring the Jake (Black Mélange/Carbon/Black Leather) UPPAbaby MINU stroller.


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