7 Beauty Hacks While Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Let’s give your body some extra help while getting your beauty sleep. Here are seven beauty hacks for you to wake up with a fresh glow in the a.m.. While I definitely don’t invest my entire evening pampering myself each night, I reach for these products when my skin is parched or in need of a boost, as I know they’ll work when I need them to.

REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP| purity by philosophy
You’ve heard it before, and I’m reminding you again. Removing your makeup plays a major role on how your skin will look the next day. I tend to use makeup remover towelettes then go in with my purity by Philosophy cleanser for that second/deep cleanse.

Exfoliate| Clarisonic Smart Profile*
You guessed it, I use the Smart Profile and add a small dollop of purity by Philosophy cleanser and go to town on my face. If I’m using this in the shower, and over my body I’ll use the same product because I hoard this purity cleanser and have backups any time there is a 20% off Sephora sale. Clarisonic’s Smart Profile is new-to-me, and a fantastic product to exfoliate and cleanse with. My Clarisonic Mia 2 bit the bullet last year and wouldn’t hold a charge any more, so I’m pretty stoked to have a new one! This one is a #GiftFromClarisonic

Apply an overnight masque| Aveda Tulasāra wedding masque* | Dior Beauty Awakening Rehydrating Mask Capsules 
While getting that beauty sleep, your skin is working to repair itself and an overnight masque is there to help you out. This brand new mask from Aveda is unreal. I wake up with glowy, smooth and healthy looking skin in the mornings, without looking greasy. If you want to really splurge, buy the Dior Beauty Awakening Rehydrating Mask Capsules. They’re fantastic to drop into an overnight bag and you get at least 2-3 uses out of each pod.

Protect your under eyes| Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair | Aveda Tulasāra eye masque
Personally I apply under eye cream twice a day, especially during the winter months for extra hydration, as under the eye area is one of the first places to show signs of aging. While I enjoy the consistency and the effects of Aveda Tulsãra nothing will compare to my Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. If you’re waking up in the a.m. with puffy under eyes perhaps omit the eye cream at night altogether. Although you could be applying it improperly and too close to your eyes. Remember to apply eye cream using your ring finger along the orbital bone, and not on the eyelids or right under the eyes. If placing too close to the eye, the product travels upwards (with body temperature) and irritates your eyes.

Moisturize your body/hands/feet| L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream* | Dior Abricot nail cream
Applying moisturizer will keep your skin looking its best when you wake up. I love applying a gorgeous thick moisturizer on my feet in the winter, pop my tooties in the socks overnight and wake up with the smoothest skin. For my dry cuticles on both my hands and feet, I love using my Dior nail abricot cream. I’ve talked about it many times before, it’s best applied at night due to its consistency, but I swear it’ll look manicure-fresh. It does that special somethin’-somethin’ to ’em that I love. As for my hands, I have been really loving shea butter hand cream and L’Occitane does it best.

Silk Pillowcase| From Amazon/eBay!
Although I’m pretty sure ours are satin and not silk. Kinda the same, right? I bought fancy slippery pillowcases for my husband and I at the start of 2016, and both of us has noticed a significant difference on how our hair looks in the morning. One, definitely a lot less breakage overtime, since your hair glides across the pillowcase. Wish it would stop my hair from separating from my crown though, makin’ me look like a balding old dude in the a.m. though!

Keep your makeup brushes clean| purity by philosophy
When you wake up in the a.m. with fresh, glowy revived skin, you don’t want to apply makeup using a cruddy old makeup brush – so keep those clean and free of bacteria! I clean mine with my purity cleanser as it’s nice and gentle.

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Disclaimer: Products marked with * were sent for review. I appreciate you reading and helping support my blog which allows me to work with PR companies and brands. 

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Well, I never thought I’d be on the Disney press-list, but here I am and I’m beyond stoked about it.

This blog post is not Moana related, but I thought I’d bring it up as I took my nephews to see it when I was home over Christmas — it’s a Disney Pixar movie about a strong-willed independent little girl who was chosen by the ocean. I’ll leave it at that, and for those who have seen it — who loved it?!

Back to where I wanted to take this post today, many people’s favourite Disney movie, Beauty and The Beast. Belle, one of Disney’s most beloved princesses is coming back, 25 years later. They are re-telling the story with a strong cast, and made it into a live action musical, staying true to its original music, and introducing several new songs. Can’t wait!

Beauty and The Beast opens in theatres everywhere on March 17, 2017. Very exciting! I won’t flood my blog with everything Disney, but I did want to push live some of what came my way — especially seeing how Beauty and The Beast comes out in a few short weeks.

Watch the trailer of Emma Watson playing Belle:

“Bringing Beauty To Life” Featurette:

Oh hey, can’t leave you empty handed though, right? Since colouring is all the rage lately with not just kids, but adults too (I have two of those adult colouring books), I have some printables for you/your kids. Basically your own (free) colouring book with ten pages of Beauty and The Beast characters. Download the PDF’s below:

  1. Belle and The Beast colouring sheet
  2. Belle colouring sheet
  3. TheBeast colouring sheet
  4. Gaston and LeFou
  5. Mrs. Potts and Chip
  6. Lumiere
  7. Cogsworth
  8. Plumette colouring sheet
  9. Garderobe colouring sheet
  10. Cadenza colouring sheet

Who is your favourite character from Beauty and The Beast?

Beauty and The Beast 2017
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Caitlyn Jenner’s M·A·C Collection, and it’s wearable!

M·A·C collaborates once again with Caitlyn Jenner to create a 15 piece collection containing elegant and classic shades housed in matte black and gold packaging and a Caitlyn Jenner logo printed on the front. They collaborated previously to create a lipstick appropriately named ‘Finally Free’.

Love her, or hate her and I’m personally neither here nor there with the Jenner-Kardashian family, I love Caitlyn Jenner has a collection with M·A·C and it’s actually wearable. The packaging is pure gold and totally instagram-worthy. In short, I’m diggin’ it. Many soft shades of peaches and muted plums and a luminous highlighter with popular M·A·C sellers such as the Soar and Whirl lip pencils. It’s really a gorgeous line of colours.

What launched?

Eyeshadows| 16 USD/$19 CDN
Glowing Gold – Gold Metallic gold [Veluxe Pearl]
Malibu Bronze – Ash brown with bronze [Veluxe Pearl]
Worthy – Rich plum [Velvet]

Eye Kohl| $17 USD/$20 CDN
Teddy – Intense bronze

Lip Pencil| $17.50 USD/$21 CDN
Soar – Midtone pinkish brown
Whirl – Dirty rose

Cremesheen Lipsticks| $17 USD/$21 CDN
Authentic Red – Deep red
Rockit! – Midtone beige
Understanding – Hot red [Online exclusive]

Cremesheen Glass| $21 USD/$24 CDN
Beautifully Bare – Mid-tone beige
Kindness – Gold
Tolerance – Midtone purple

Powder Blush duo| $29 USD/$34 CDN
Buddy – Midtone peach/bronze

Eyelashes| $17 USD/$20 CDN
#30 Lash

Mineralize Skinfinish| $33 USD/$38 CDN
Compassion – Cool brown

Shop the collection:

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