6 month postpartum

Waving bye to month 5. Over and out, onto bigger and better things. The next half of his first year.

My beautiful beb, my chill little blonde California baby boy is on Month NĀ° 6. Loves his teddy bear, squeals when he hears me reciting his favourite book (10 little fingers, 10 little toes), loves getting post-bath foot massages, loves kisses and his laugh is the absolute best sound in the world.

He loves to put everything in his mouth: blankets, the clothes he’s wearing, your fingers, his hand, my shoulder, his toys, and even flosses his toothless gums with his toes. I swear he uses his feet as much as his hands. He loves to try and make you laugh with his noises and gestures. He’s already had his first hair cut, and over the course of these past six months his dark brown hair has turned almost completely blonde.

Turning six months must be exhausting for him. For his morning nap he slept for 2h40m (rare!). Yesterday I introduced him to blowing bubbles outside. Not sure if he was into it or not… šŸ˜‚

My baby has literally grown a significant amount since birth as he’s already wearing bigger clothes than his age (long boy!). His six month wellness check-up is in a few days and it won’t surprise me but, I’m betting he’s grown another few inches (perhaps he’ll be 10″ taller than he was at birth).

My heart bursts for you, my sweet boy. Happy six months my bebs.

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Canadian family visits!

I’m tellin’ ya, when I’m in the mood to write posts, I pump’em out. And when I’m not, I just leave this space pretty bare. I can’t be more consistent at this stage of where I am right now, because I’d much rather spend the time with my baby – who by the way will be 6 friggen months in a few short days. A post for that will be coming soon. Maybe on Monday or so.

But this is me, right now…writing down reminders to myself on what to do on a daily basis. Because if I don’t, things don’t get done. Like talking about my sister-in-law’s visit, nearly two months ago. I mean, I meant to tell you. I meant to document it all on here, on spiffykerms. And I suppose I sort of am now. Just… delayed. Ha. In this photo above is how I look today. Air-dryed hair, baby nappin’, literally writing down my to-do list for the week.

Alfie walkin’ around in the Genesis G90 like he owned the place. We had that car for the week while my SIL was here because our cars won’t fit 3 adults comfortably (with the car seat making the front passenger seat pushed far too forward), so I got this limo-like luxury vehicle to review for while she was visiting, and it was absolutely glorious.

Running photos of Alfie are my absolute favourite. Don’t you agree? He’s such a happy pup, and my goodness what a rough go of it he’s had, over the past few years (attacked by a pitbull in 2016, and then a cancer diagnosis in 2017). Ugh! Tough ol’ dog I’m tellin’ ya.Ā Back to positive news. He’s in remission (month 2!!)

Where did we drive? Well, I sure do love me some slow coast California coastline so we almost always hit up Santa Cruz area to drive around.

This time we ended up to Half Moon Bay, where Husband went to fly his drone – he rarely gets the chance to fly the drone so he was pretty stoked on the adventure.

The California coastline has got to be one of my favourite places on earth. I love the cliffs, I love the sound of the ocean, it’s gorgeous to just go and watch the waves roll in and out.

Alfie’s serious face I’m pretty sure means – hurry up and take the dang photo so we can go on more adventures.

It’s a beauty inside. The backseats were pretty much fully-loaded too. It has its own air conditioning controls, and almost like sitting in the drivers seat captains chairs with all the buttons to adjust the back seat chairs to your liking. It was wild.Ā 

Until next time buddy… and thanks to Genesis G90 for the vehicle that we had for the week. It was a blast and a half!


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Who wouldn’t want VIP treatment?

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Simon Malls + Gilroy Premium OutletsĀ 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that last weekend was an entire family affair, as we headed down to the Gilroy Outlets to do a bit of shopping. Alfie came too! Last week he received great results again from his monthly ultrasound appointment and is now in month No 2 of remission.

We headed down mid-day to Gilroy (I forgot how hot it gets down there – I think the high was 33C!), and I noticed immediately that I forgot to pack the stroller in my husband’s car – since it’s always in my trunk ready to go. Oof! Luckily, I brought my LilleBaby carrier, and as soon as I put it on, I felt the sweat drip right down my back. A pretty picture I’m painting for you here… isn’t it.

I was given a gift card to shop at the Gilroy Premium Outlets for theirĀ VIP Rewards Days Summer Of Likes event. Which was set up with little booths around the participating stores. Each of the 7 stores participating had fun activations that the shoppers enjoyed. Calvin Klein had some refreshing drinks, Adidas had folks playing BINGO, and in whatever backpack you chose to play with, there was a discount inside. The North Face had air plants, which was super cute. You can view all the videos from the weekend on my Instagram highlight section here.

We ended up being there for a few hours, scoping it out because my husband mentioned he’d never been before! He actually ended up scoringĀ the most deals since all the stuff he bought was on sale. He ended up getting a few shirts to wear to work: 1 cotton button up short-sleeved “last season” from The North Face, and two sport-like polos from Nike that I helped pick out. It was kinda hard because we brought Alfie and totally forgot that dogs weren’t allowed in some stores. So it was a bit of a balancing act trying to shop together. We did it though, and we had fun! I tend to go to the Gilroy outlets at least once a year, and the last time that I went was when my baby was 5 weeks old and I took my Mom down for some shopping.

If you want to be in the know-how for next time, or even just heading out to a Simon Malls property, sign up for their VIP Shopper Club (it’s free) and you can get exclusive discounts when shopping. I personally love The Cosmetics Company Store, where I bought my Tom Ford face powder (in a darker shade so I could wear it as a bronzer), Nike (because I love Nike), Le Creuset (because I’m an adult now and love pots/pans lol), and Lululemon even has an outlet there! Score!

When’s the last time you went outlet shopping?

Thanks for the fun Saturday, Gilroy!

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