Menu plan…tuesday?

I didn’t exactly stick to the previous weekly menu plan so I’m kind of copying my menu somewhat. I initially had all this planned out yesterday but I didn’t want to bombard you all with 3 posts in a measly few hours!

SO! I’m doing the weekly menu plan once again. Mmmm, belly is rumblin’ just thinking of all these great eats. You can click the [ x ]’s for recipes!

Monday: Butter chicken with basmati rice (ate this last night obvs. SO good. So flavorful as I made it during lunch time and put it in the fridge / reheated it and GOBBLE GOBBLE it went in our tummies).
Tuesday: Pork chops (they were on sale, hooyea) with mashed potatoes (everyone’s fav!) with some carrots and broccoli?
Wednesday: Chicken panini’s because I’ve been thinking of it ever since I made it on Sunday! [ x ]
Thursday: Asparagus wrapped in chicken [ x ]
Friday: Chicken wraps, Chicken quesadillas [ x ]or Chicken enchiladas [ x ]. Not sure yet! What do you think?
Saturday: Lost for ideas… maybe I’ll crave something and make it.
Sunday: Rich and creamy white chicken spaghetti [ x ]

Not hard to tell we like to eat chicken in this house, is it? We used to eat salmon like once a week as my BF’s swim coach sells it at the local market, but we haven’t dropped by in AGES. Salmon is the fountain of youth / youthology, you know. I miss it. I think that’d be a great supper idea for Saturday night. Mmm.

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  1. Yum sounds good!I love your recipes :D You should try making chicken taquitos some time (i can write out instructions for you if you want!),They are sooooo good.

    Nancy says: Do eeet do eeett! Aren’t they like enchiladas though? I don’t want beans, if it had beans. Yuck. But please, do share the recipe!

  2. Hey..I sent this you in email but you can make that tilapia recipe with chicken!

    Nancy says:Yes I received it! I already printed it out and I plan on making it once I pick up some pecans, thank you so much! :)

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