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I’ve been making all kinds of lists lately. I used to print out all kinds of recipes to fancy up our suppers. Every single one I made last week was enough to make one sick. Except for one. But the time I put into making it, isn’t something I’d put on one of my weekly menus.

Anyway. I like making to–do lists. So this is what I’ve got planned for this week:

Today: Annual General Meeting after work OMG OMG OMG… (226 people coming! yikes!)
Wednesday: 1) 8:15AM Chiro. 2) Go to drop in clinic to get a shot after work. (lol) 3) Pick up my new $90 indoor soccer shoes. So expensive :(
Thursday: Go to storage unit to get my Christmas party dress out, and my shoooooes. (I’ll need to post a picture and ask you guys for some help. It’s a black dress, but I don’t want my legs to be cold and I don’t know what color leggings/tights I should wear. I’ll post my shoes too.)
Friday: Head over to Linens ‘n Things and scope out some going out of business sales.
Saturday: Hop on the Greyound to Toronto, return something and buy a few last Christmas presents (mainly for BF. But I want to pick up these towels too).

and OMG just 28 more days until boyfriend and I go home for Christmas. EEEHEHE!

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