OOTWW & TripleFFriday #7

I am beyond excited for tonight’s activities!

If you were checking into my blog on a daily basis you would’ve seen that I told you about the Sport Chek’s Face Off Tennis game that’s happening tonight in Toronto. I’m leaving work early, to attend with the Boyfriend. All thanks to Sport Chek! How great is that?

So, just a quick outfit’s of the work week — then jolly on to the Triple F Friday post!

But before I start. Brett Wilson tweeted at me. Swoon! All thanks to Casie lol. It happened on Monday, and my week? …. My week was made. Canadians will know him from the show The Dragon’s Den. He didn’t say much. But that’s okay, he still at-ed me. I know that’s not a word.

Hilary looks awesome in the bright fall colours. She also moved into a new place!

I told Meg I loved the new bangs on her. I said that she’s so pretty I could stare at her all day. Creepy, huh?

My friend Jeanine started blogging again! I’m so excited. One day I’ll meet her — I mean, she’s only in Toronto!

Head on over to Valerie’s blog and send her some love. Her Boyfriend is off to BC for work again, and they’re going to be apart until April! :(

I get a lot of outfit’s inspiration from J’s Everyday Fashion blog. Check out some of her outfits!

Leanne shows us how to get long lasting make up.

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