Some kinda mistake?

I’m pretty sure Abercrombie made a mistake on their website last week. I was looking on the clearance section, and I saw that this sweater was marked down to $15.00 from $108.00! Ow ow! Usually these type of sweater’s don’t get marked down further than forty bucks, especially not this time of year when they just came out. I mean, even tank tops aren’t usually fifteen for heaven sake. It just didn’t seem right at all, so I added two to my cart and checked out immediately. I told a few girls about it, and they too ordered a few for Christmas presents / themselves. Sure enough, the sweater was snagged off the website the next morning. It should be arriving in my arms before December 1. Oh yes. Bargains are wonderful. I wonder if anyone got fired because of that?

Too bad the Canadian dollar is so low in comparison to the American dollar. I always browse online for different looking shoes, or weird looking purses. I’m not the average black purse kinda gal. I only own two purses, one is salmon pink, and my daily one is a Nine West yellow one. Both from winners. Great purchases. I found a nice little American boutique online that sells some wonderful classy looking ladies footwear. I’m eying these blue heels (Uh, hello? Made in Italy!), but I can’t justify spending $89 American (which is equivalent to $110 Canadian). I don’t have that much disposable income people! Plus, the shipping would cost quite a bit to get here as well, don’t you think? But they’re on sallleeeeuhh… the evil impulse shopper in me wants to purchase them in my size before they sell out!

I think I’m all shopped out. I should really close off that window. Bleh!

I pulled my groin muscle at soccer a while ago, and each morning I wake up and I forget about it until I’m at the bus terminal and I need to step off the bus. Why is it that every morning, I step off on my left side — the one that hurts! I don’t understand it. I really should tape it up somehow lol. We’re totally unstoppable though, we haven’t lost a game yet in the two leagues that our team is playing on. Deadly beezzzzz.

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