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The other night I heard that someone went missing (!!!) from the Downtown Bus terminal, that I frequent multiple times per weekday. Apparently this person was a teenage girl and called her Mother to pick her up, and when her Mother arrived the kid was gone. WTH! I haven’t seen anything on the news about it at all. My co–worker heard it on the radio, sooo I don’t know what’s on the go with that.

It gets dark soo early here now. I was standing at the bus stop a few nights ago around 8:00PM (pitch black by the way), to head up to the mall. The bus stop isn’t too far from the apartment building I live in, and it’s in UPTOWN, a nice part of the city. But here’s how a convo went between me and some sketch–face:

Him: “HEY! …”
Me: I turn around and look at him. Kinda give him a glare or “wtf do you want” face lol.
Him: “Where are you going?”
Me: (stupidly replies) “Uh, the mall?” ugh. (I turn back around to face the street)
Him: “The mall huh?”
Me: *nods* without turning around
Him: He gets in his car and the parking lot is like 6 feet away from my bus stop. He starts his car, and rolls up next to me. Looks at me (I can see from the corner of my eye lol) and drives away, slowly.

SKETCH–A–RIFFIC. I wasn’t even being a pleasant person around him. I was trying to be snooty so I wouldn’t draw any attention to him. Creepers man, I tell ya.

That definitely wouldn’t have happened if BF was with me, or even a friend. Movies like James Bond, and all kinds of action movies, always get me hyped up. You know the mindset: “Try me, I dare you.” I swear it’s not very safe of me to think that. But anytime I come out of a theater, I think I”m a super hero or something and cannot get abducted by people talking to me at bus stops, etc. lol Juuuust sayin’!

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  1. I hate taking the bus home from school late at night. I ususally keep my ipod on and ignore anyone who tries to talk to me and I always make sure to stand under a lamp post.

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