Out with the old

Out with the old and in with the new! I showed you my ‘old’ desk and I’m surprised at how many people were saying that they liked that desk and I shouldn’t get rid of it. I bought it in 2006 from good ol’ Canadian Tire when I moved to Ontario that summer. I didn’t intend to keep for long term usage. Plus, I photoshopped the hey out of that photo to make it look brighter and crisp. Because it truly is an ugly desk. What I have now is a much better upgrade.

Just to remind you, here are a few photos of the old desk.desk-clutter

Ouch. What an eye sore. clean-desk

Looks much better, de-cluttered and photoshopped doesn’t it? ;) desk breakfast-on-my-desk

So I upgraded to a new sleek, white IKEA desk. I’ve had this desk set up for a few weeks and I’ve managed to keep it clutter-free, so hopefully it stays that way. I have a ton of drawers so that should keep it nice and tidy. I have more IKEA items that I purchased so I’ll be doing a separate blog post and what the names of the items are.

Just so you don’t have to keep scrolling, a before and after:


Good golly miss molly, what an upgrade.ikea-desk

Notice how the top two drawers are the smallest and the last 3 are a bit deeper? I just noticed that as I was photographing.

You can’t just buy this desk in one box and put it together like you can other IKEA furniture. You get to actually pick out and choose which parts you want for your desk in this one section of IKEA. It was great. I had planned on getting a smaller table top but I really wanted high gloss. Since the smallest size didn’t come in that finish I got then next size up. You could also choose from a variety of table legs. But the best part was using the set of drawers for the other half of my table. You could choose from shelves, a book case, cabinets, or drawers, or regular ol’ legs. Man, IKEA is great. I think the entire table cost me no more than $130.

ikea-desk2I’ve accessorized the desk quite simply. I plan to keep it that way because clutter makes me annoyed to be quite honest.

white-keyboard-and-mouseThe wireless white keyboard/mouse combo was just $22 on eBay. desk-accessoriesInside the pineapple jar I store my pens! I picked it up from Bowring last Fall. The soap dish is from Anthropologie just a few weeks ago.


I purchased everything when the Boyf was away on a triathlon trip in the States, but I didn’t assemble any of it. In fact, when the Boyf arrived back home, it was then my turn to go on vacation and I flew to Newfoundland for 10 days. When I came back, he had put together the desk and surprised me with a new (massive) monitor. It was so sweet of him! The one I was using prior, was 17″ and a hand-me-down from my Mom. The middle part of the screen was going blurry and it was difficult to use.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more in depth post of what’s inside the pink bags on my shelves, and what are stored in the Ikea drawers in my desk!

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  1. It looks great! And what an even better surprise to see it assembled for you with a bigger monitor! How can you not love a guy like that.

    We have a desk in the living space that my boyfriend mainly uses, but it’s a dark brown/black and there was a phase that I went through that I wanted everything to match and be dark, but now I just want everything to be white and clear. It’s kind of hard to take that plunge now when most of our furniture is so dark. We’d have to switch out everything!

  2. Oh man. Now I want to re-do my desk. I’ve been letting it become a clutterfest lately. Maybe I’ll just stop everything and take the next hour to re-organize it.

    Instant motivation. Thank you! Your desk looks fabulous. Hope it helps you work that much more productively! Use it well :)
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