Hiking the East Coast Trail

My good friend Kerry and I decided that we’d hike one of the many East Coast Trails while I was home in Newfoundland. I left it up to her to decide on which trail we’d hike, and I also mentioned I didn’t have anything but some ballet flats with me. Thankfully, like Lori, Kerry let me borrow her hikers for this one. I’ve got some great friends! I didn’t even think twice about bringing home hiking boots since I never make it home during the nicer months of the year.

Hiking the Cobbler.970393_10153005678630176_1244730842_n

Can you believe that I took these kinds of views for granted when I lived there? Absolutely breathtaking, and I truly appreciate “The Rock” now that I live in a concrete jungle.1070048_10153005627690176_697916940_n

There’s the Atlantic Ocean for you. We spotted some whales a few kilometres out, spouting water up into the air.1016236_10153005673665176_173313006_n

Kerry, taking it all in.1016236_10153005673660176_456498134_n

Doesn’t Newfoundland look beautiful? Have you ever visited?1016236_10153005673655176_2055476782_n

Ocean for days.1016236_10153005673640176_1298673246_n

Hopefully this blog post about Newfoundland will catch you eye and make you want to visit my home province ;)1016236_10153005673645176_344997095_n

Newfoundland is known for its weird weather. On my trip home I brought fall and summer clothes. I was prepared for any kind of weather. This hiking day was a hot and humid one, with little wind. So Kerry stopped to cool down in one of the streams. 970393_10153005678620176_818483919_n

See the rocky boulders on the left hand ‘middle’ side of the picture? That’s where we stopped for lunch. 970393_10153005678610176_1857273972_n

Took a lunch break I’d say half way through the hike and decided to make this our turn-around point. 970393_10153005678645176_129389817_n

But not before posing and doing some yoga moves. I have no idea what this one is called. But I copied what Kerry did because I thought it looked neat. But man was it hard to keep this pose as she snapped away, ha ha.970393_10153005678640176_1231521315_n

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  1. Wow Nancy!
    that is REALLY beautiful.

    id love to go to the East. Ive never been farther then Quebec in that direction.

    That Yoga pose, fantastic ! magazine worthy!!

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