Snowshoeing in Pippy Park

GrinI’m going on week 7 of being here in St. John’s Newfoundland, and I’m making the most of spending time up here in my old hometown during this super cold Canadian winter. Last weekend my climbing buddy Lori (who visited me last year for our Yosemite Climbing trip!) and I went snowshoeing around Pippy Park.

NancysnowshoeLori already owned snowshoes, and me being illprepared for how long I was going to be home, didn’t have much snow-gear besides a winter coat and hat. So just like old times, she brought over everything for me to wear to snowshoe.

PippyParkI wore her Arc’teryx snow pants, and her two shell jackets that were super warm, along with a buff to put around my neck, and I even wore her mittens. Man, what a pal… let me tell ya. I had a time! I didn’t even have proper footwear to wear (I leave my UGGs at home, and I only brought my riding boots which aren’t insulated). So I popped on my Mother’s winter boots and went off for a bit of snowshoeing.

LoriNancyoutAt Pippy Park you can rent your gear whether it be cross country skiis, or snowshoes + poles by the hour. They keep your ID and once you get back you pay your fee. It’s so inexpensive too: $5.00/hour. We ended up doing all the loops of the trails (about 4 or 5 loops) and we were going at obviously a walking pace, stopping to take photos, and to chat – and it still was only about an hour to do it all. So for $5.00 and a bit of fun, it was well worth it!

NancyArmsUpI filmed some footage of our adventure, but I don’t have the software here on my Mom’s computer to upload it to YouTube, so that’ll have to wait until I get back to California.

InCar(By the way, had a family friend ask me if anyone in St. John’s was paying me to shout out to local companies. They are not. No one knows I am writing about them … and I don’t get paid for ANY blogging I do – so I suppose you can honestly say you can trust my judgement when I mention places? Lol)

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St. John’s, Newfoundland

It’s incredible at how much a place can change in so little time. New box stores and huge buildings going up, or subdivisions being built up in what used to be forested areas. When I think back, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been away from Newfoundland for very long, when in actual practice it’s been close to ten years since I moved away from the ol’ homeland.

I thought it would be fitting to show you around The Rock, my home of St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada), while my bestie from home is visiting.

Enjoy the view and those jellybean row houses downtown. I can’t stare at the pictures for too long, they’ll make me a bit homesick. Guess that means another trip shall be planned soon.Striped-homes


Military-RdThis intersection was my nemesis when I first got my license. 5 ways traffic could go, so to navigate it I started following cars in front of me for the first few times. The rounded building on the left side is where The Guy and I had coffee with a family friend (also a Justice of the Peace) who married us! Behind this picture, is the Newfoundland Hotel (now the Sheraton) and it’s where we spent our wedding night.






The-Narrows See that red house with yellow trim on the left side of the hill? My friend Lori lives there, and as you could imagine, has the most breath taking view of The Narrows. It’s where we spent our New Years Eve this year.

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of my home.

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Bits of my week

 I feel like all Canadians know when the American Thanksgiving is, but not so much the other way around. I was on a flight back home to Newfoundland for a Thanksgiving break, spending 8 days with my family. On the flight to head home there was a couple of men from the states. The older gentleman sitting next to me asked me where I was from, and why I was heading out east. You betcha I questioned him just as much as he did, me. That’s when I found out he was from North Dakota with a few of his friends, getting ready to go hunting moose in Newfoundland. Fun fact: The Bush Family have been to Newfoundland/Labrador to go fishing and hunting. After we landed in St. John’s I told him Happy Thanksgiving, not necessarily forgetting he was from the states, especially with his accent — he had a confused look on his flight. It’s Thanksgiving in Canada? He asked. Yup, I said with a grin and explained to him that the Canadian thanksgiving happens on the same weekend as Columbus Day in the States. Fun little fact there, for the American readers of spiffykerms ;)

I feel like I’m all sorts of messed up with my posting schedule. I usually like to have blog posts up as early as 6:00am, but lately I’ve been pumping them out during the later part of the evenings. Bare with me as I get back on schedule :)

I went to CrossFit two nights in a row, after taking a three+ week break from it. Why do I do that to myself? All day today I’ve been pushing doors with my body instead of using my arms.

Alfie turns 4 years old today! We’re going to celebrate by taking him for an extra long walk in the park and get him some treats!
I’m surprised at how high functioning I am after 5hrs of sleep last night. I normally require and get double that. Lol. We saw a movie last night. Of course it was the late one, because we’re always busy and head out the door moments after getting home from work. I went to CrossFit last night, making it two days in a row. After a 3 week break, my body is definitely feeling it.

It’s laundry day. I have 3 loads in the wash right now and I forgot to put soap in the first washer with one of those silly tide pods. It’s an apartment style washer so i can’t open it when it’s running. So I had to race back upstairs, get liquid detergent and pour some in after it started. Of course, it’s the more “important” load that needed to be done tonight, for something going on tomorrow. If it’s not clean, I’ll just run it again ($$$) with even more soap. Lol.

I mailed off my friends birthday gift during my lunch break. Her birthday is on Sunday. I hope it gets to her on time!

I also mailed off a dancing Halloween card to my nephews in Newfoundland. Thinking it will definitely get there on time. Unless Canada Post is slow. Which is usually is.

I need to get on the ball and send Leanne the photos of the giveaway prizes I took yesterday morning. We’re doing a collab giveaway on both of our blogs. I don’t want to give anything away yet. But stay tuned!

Oh! Oh. Don’t forget to enter into the Annabelle Cosmetics 24 twistup lipstick crayons giveaway! It’s open to everyone in the USA & Canada until October 29. :)

In the next few days I’ll be compiling a fun little post of some of my Newfoundland vacation highlights for you guys.Here’s a sneak peek. Fun right??nephews and i jumping

What exciting things happened to you today?

How many times a week do you get exercise?

When is the last time you took a vacation?

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