Hiking the East Coast Trail

My good friend Kerry and I decided that we’d hike one of the many East Coast Trails while I was home in Newfoundland. I left it up to her to decide on which trail we’d hike, and I also mentioned I didn’t have anything but some ballet flats with me. Thankfully, like Lori, Kerry let me borrow her hikers for this one. I’ve got some great friends! I didn’t even think twice about bringing home hiking boots since I never make it home during the nicer months of the year.

Hiking the Cobbler.970393_10153005678630176_1244730842_n

Can you believe that I took these kinds of views for granted when I lived there? Absolutely breathtaking, and I truly appreciate “The Rock” now that I live in a concrete jungle.1070048_10153005627690176_697916940_n

There’s the Atlantic Ocean for you. We spotted some whales a few kilometres out, spouting water up into the air.1016236_10153005673665176_173313006_n

Kerry, taking it all in.1016236_10153005673660176_456498134_n

Doesn’t Newfoundland look beautiful? Have you ever visited?1016236_10153005673655176_2055476782_n

Ocean for days.1016236_10153005673640176_1298673246_n

Hopefully this blog post about Newfoundland will catch you eye and make you want to visit my home province ;)1016236_10153005673645176_344997095_n

Newfoundland is known for its weird weather. On my trip home I brought fall and summer clothes. I was prepared for any kind of weather. This hiking day was a hot and humid one, with little wind. So Kerry stopped to cool down in one of the streams. 970393_10153005678620176_818483919_n

See the rocky boulders on the left hand ‘middle’ side of the picture? That’s where we stopped for lunch. 970393_10153005678610176_1857273972_n

Took a lunch break I’d say half way through the hike and decided to make this our turn-around point. 970393_10153005678645176_129389817_n

But not before posing and doing some yoga moves. I have no idea what this one is called. But I copied what Kerry did because I thought it looked neat. But man was it hard to keep this pose as she snapped away, ha ha.970393_10153005678640176_1231521315_n

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Little peek of Newfoundland’s scenery

This was taken on King’s Road, in St. John’s. The same street as Moo Moo’s ice cream, for the not-so-locals ;)

Another photo of the same street, different angle.The houses in Newfoundland have always been very colorful. Some of them are completely outrageous colors. Purple houses with lime green trim and a yellow door. The colorful homes have been nick named “Jelly Bean houses”.

Local artists have done paintings showcasing the bright homes. It’s great.

Newfoundland doors. Again, King’s Road.

Cummings Street, St. John’s.

prescot street, St. John'sPrescot Street. You need one foot on the brake and one on the gas when at a stop-light on this street. Seriously lol.

My neighbor was drying some salted cod fish on their clothes line while I was home!

Beautiful St. John’s. That’s me and Alfie right there :)

Bought some treats at the Tilt House Bakery, in Portgual Cove. The person who opened this bakery was the old Auntie Crae’s baker, which shut down a few years ago!

Typical Newfoundland weather RDF/Rain Drizzle ‘n Fog.

Newfoundland is also very windy….

St. John’s Harbour

Our sweet pup, Alfie in the Battery! Yes, we brought him along. He got along quite well this trip. Wasn’t so much of a lunatic as he was last year. Getting calmer in his old age ;) He’ll be three next week!

The Battery, St. John’s.Alfie getting a glimpse of what Newfoundland’s all about :)

Another view of The Battery.

Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of my homeland!

What’s the furthest East you’ve been in Canada?

Have you ever visited Newfoundland?

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St. John’s, my home.

My Mom sent me this YouTube video not too long ago of St. Johns, Newfoundland. My hometown, my neighborhood. She sure does know how to make a girl homesick.

If you’d like to know what the beautiful scenery looks like around back home you should watch this video. :) The music is a typical kind of song you’d hear downtown at the bars. Of course there are other bars that play popular music. But this is Newfie music you’d have a dance to. I love it.

Whenever I call home whether it be to my parents house, or my Brother/S-I-L’s place. They always ask me when I’m coming home next. I haven’t been home at all during the summer for quite a few years. Perhaps I’ll make the trip come Labour Day. We’ll see…we’ll see.

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