Little peek of Newfoundland’s scenery

This was taken on King’s Road, in St. John’s. The same street as Moo Moo’s ice cream, for the not-so-locals ;)

Another photo of the same street, different angle.The houses in Newfoundland have always been very colorful. Some of them are completely outrageous colors. Purple houses with lime green trim and a yellow door. The colorful homes have been nick named “Jelly Bean houses”.

Local artists have done paintings showcasing the bright homes. It’s great.

Newfoundland doors. Again, King’s Road.

Cummings Street, St. John’s.

prescot street, St. John'sPrescot Street. You need one foot on the brake and one on the gas when at a stop-light on this street. Seriously lol.

My neighbor was drying some salted cod fish on their clothes line while I was home!

Beautiful St. John’s. That’s me and Alfie right there :)

Bought some treats at the Tilt House Bakery, in Portgual Cove. The person who opened this bakery was the old Auntie Crae’s baker, which shut down a few years ago!

Typical Newfoundland weather RDF/Rain Drizzle ‘n Fog.

Newfoundland is also very windy….

St. John’s Harbour

Our sweet pup, Alfie in the Battery! Yes, we brought him along. He got along quite well this trip. Wasn’t so much of a lunatic as he was last year. Getting calmer in his old age ;) He’ll be three next week!

The Battery, St. John’s.Alfie getting a glimpse of what Newfoundland’s all about :)

Another view of The Battery.

Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of my homeland!

What’s the furthest East you’ve been in Canada?

Have you ever visited Newfoundland?

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  1. Newfoundland seems like such a cheery place because of the colorful houses! I would love to live in a purple with with lime green trim. I’m pretty sure you could never walk into or leave your house without smiling at the bright colors. The farthest east that I’ve been in Canada in Quebec.
    Sylvia recently posted..Runner’s Bug Bites Again!My Profile

  2. I spent 5 weeks in NS, NB and PEI in the Fall of ’08… put 8000 km on our rental car… didn’t get over to NFLD but would love to another time.

    What I think is so interesting, and so different from the West, is the way that houses are built right at the street. We Westerners have front yards before you get to the street. Your pics are lovely and Alfie is adorable. Love this post so much!

    Nancy says: actually, a lot of houses are built on the road like you see there. But those are more “downtown” houses. There are plenty of homes that have large front yards (like my parents for instance) and of course some, that don’t! Glad you enjoyed the photos. :)
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