On my usual route to work in the mornings I take a left turn on a semi-busy street onto a 3-laned one way street. I noticed the person ahead of me fumbling with her cell phone, she never did have her blinker on and while she was turning into the furthest lane (you’re supposed to turn into the closest one to you, am I correct?) she ended up putting on her blinker. From there I was on her left hand side because I turned correctly.

She was driving oddly slow for a morning commute and switching her cell from one side to the other. We ended up at a stop light again and I HAD to give her the evil eye. She was on a flippin cell phone! Use a headset for crying out loud. Pull over. Do what you have to do if you really need to talk on a phone.

EIther way I did my duty with the evil eye, and ended up in front of her somehow and into the furthest lane, being the right. Since I passed her I went 5km or so over the speed limit to get past. I saw a copper pull right behind her. I was all like – nobiggie, we see coppers trottin’ down this road in the a.m. all the time. He’s just seeing who’s speedin and who isn’t.


I was thinking—is she STILL on her cell? We’ve past a few blocks at this point. Sure enough he was the one pulling momma-van over on her cell phone and she got pulled over by mister thursday coppa-roo.

I ended up doing a fist pump mid-air, let out a little cackkle and said “HA HAAAA YES”. Mind you, I was in the car myself. I hope no one was looking at me.

Miss cell phone recklass driver lady got pulled over and it made my day one thousand times better. I smiled the whole drive to work, lol.

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  1. Well done Nancy!!!!! Is that difficult to drive a car/van/truck properly? I hate both erratic or racer drivers. When they really irritate me I use to blow them a kiss (even if they are guys) and they get so pissed.

  2. HAHA!!! I love it! I can’t tell you how many times I see erratic drivers and they are always on a cell phone. I used to be REALLY bad about texting while driving and then one day I rear-ended someone at a light. It was really minor and no damage was even done (the couple I hit was SUPER nice about it) but I have never texted again! It isn’t worth it.

  3. I was on the 417 last night and this guy kept driving between 2 lanes and when I went past him (one extra lane away) he was TEXTING while driving. I thought he was drunk the way he was driving.

  4. woot woot. Justice!
    I wonder if talking on speaker phone is the same as a headset? That obviously would have been a better option for her.

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