Grr. No one is budging on my boots. I’ve posted it on Facebook, Kijiji and also sent it to my co-workers.  I admit though, it’s not the time to be buying, or selling boots since it is almost spring.

Today flew by at work. Probably because my Boss and I went out for breakfast and had a meeting and showed up a little late. Also, I went out to lunch and came back with car troubles. I swerved right into CAA mechanic’s and ran inside all scared like. Of course my car wouldn’t act up when I was trying to show the dude’s what was going on. FYI: something was screeching (like honestly, ear piercing) on my car. At first I thought it was this obnoxious old car behind me. But the car went away. So I slowed down, turned off my music, and rolled the window down a crack. Still, not thinking it was MY car making that racket. So I pulled into the Michael’s Craft store to do some shopping. Pulled out and it was indeed my car. I put’er in park, called the Boyf with no answer. So I called my boss in a panic.

Then drove to the CAA which you’ve already read… No idea what’s wrong with it, if anything. The mechanic said my “belts are new”. Whatever that means.

Either way. my day flew by and I’m now part of the Social Media team at work, so I’ve gotten the new role of Content Editor. Which means I tweet for my company’s work and IT’S SO FUN TO TWEET. Oh, and I went to CrossFit right after work and did some crazy shiz there. A lot of skipping and push ups. I may “invest” (because they’re SOO expensive) in my own skipping rope soon. I really need to concur those darn tootin’ double-under’s. As long as they come with clamp accessories, I’m all set.

I may do the paleo challenge at the local CrossFit box, you guys. It scares me. I’ll talk about that more next week though.

Onto my OOTWW. It’s 11:11pm and we still haven’t had supper. Oof. Here I am waiting for it to be done in the oven.

ootwwK have a great weekend everyone!

Triple F Friday:
Just the one feature this week since it’s a sad day in Google-Town. They’re getitng rid of RSS reader! I’m so peeved, what the hey am I going to use now to subscribe to blogs? Oh way-hate a minute here. Aleeza has JUST the post to save our souls.

Submit yourself to my weekly Fun, Fit and/or Fashionable posts. You can certainly submit your own, next week. Just shoot me an e-mail to spiffykerms@gmail.com. Just include any of the following:

  • Your name
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  1. was it raining or snowing? your belt could screech because its wet.

    Nancy says: Nope, it was just a regular dry day!

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