Hump Day Wednesday

At least it’s back to a normal shade of brown black. The sun was blaring on my hair making it look lighter, which is why I posted that photo. My hair is basically black. Gothic black.No Wordless Wednesday | Random Fact today, clearly.

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  1. It will lighten up with washing/sun it’s normal. It’s terrible that you’ve had all this hair drama! Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again. If you’re still willing to go for the colours at one point one thing you could do, is if you see someone who looks like they’ve had a great job done with their hair, ask them where they got it done.

  2. Oh honey!! You’re still beautiful! What has the bf said about all the hair drama?

    Nancy says: He’s been so sweet, and says that he feels bad that I have had to go through all of this! LOL Aww!!

  3. Yes! What Alynn said… It will lighten up :) (mine ALWAYS does…within weeks!).

    And it looks good to me :) Did you get the same stylist to dye it? Or did you go to another one?

    Nancy says: Hey Leanne, I went to the same stylist lol. He did it for free at least.

  4. *hugs*
    this reminds me so much of when I decided to cut my hair into an angled bob again, after I spent over a year growing out my angled bob. Oh but my angled bob was so awesome before! I hated it so much! It looked like crap and made me look old. So I paid $300 for extensions. That looked like shit. Bitch that did them didn’t put enough in and didn’t tell me I would need a cut to blend them in. They hurt my head. They looked so bad. So I spent $80 to get a trim and blend the extensions in. They looked good for like 2 days. I barely ever washed my hair because the extensions would get matted. They were so dry and frizzy. They took forever to style. Ugh. Such a fucking hassle. Then they started to fall out. I gave them like 2 months then took them out myself.
    After that, I decided no matter how much I use to like an old hair cut or colour I had, I would never try to re-create it. It will just look like shit. Just like all my attempts to go blonde.

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