This week was so muggy, sticky and warm that I couldn’t stand to be in the apartment after my morning shower, unless I was sitting directly in front of the air conditioner. I think Alfie felt the same way, each time when I went home for lunch he was panting (even though he has a water dish in his crate)— poor fella.

There isn’t an outfit for today because I stayed home from work sick today. I slept until 1pm! Something wasn’t right.

Definitely keeping the OOTWW (Outfit of the Work Week) posts. It helps me put different things together that I normally wouldn’t. For instance, on Thursday this week I had a boring tank top picked out and was probably going to wear a green cardigan over it. Instead, I remembered I had a few button up tops that I haven’t worn in months and usually save them for the winter. Worked out well, don’t you think!? :)

Pssst: Thanks to the readers of this blog, who nudged me out of wearing boring capri’s every.single.day — I think I’m addicted to skirts now. I want to wear my Mexx one twice a week now! But that would be just wrong…

Question: Do you like this style of OOTWW posts where you click the whole single image and you can see what I wore that week? Or would you rather see it typed out below the images directly on here and not in an image as well. Let me know!

How was your week?

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  1. Loved the monday and thursday outfits! I would add a black / gray belt on the monday outfit, but it’s amazing already. But the thursday one is perfect, i’ll try to copy it myself!
    That shirt you wore tuesday is gorgeous.

    Also, i’m so happy that you now like to wear skirts. You look great wearing them and should do it so as many times as you want.

    I think the new OOTWW post style is great. It keeps it all together and simple, plus you don’t have to post it everyday.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. I really like the new OOTW format (and would love to know the name of the font that you use for the days of the week headers!) I can certainly see why you’d want to wear your Mexx skirt all the time – it’s so funky (but also very memorable if it’s a wardrobe repeat :O))

    Nancy says: Thank you Claire! I think the fonts that I used was called: Poplar Std and Adobe Caslon Pro.

  3. I love the way you put all the outfits into one picture! :) You always look really cute & I love how you’re always looking for great deals! :) Love the skirt you wore on Wednesday!

  4. Thanks for the font names, Nancy!

    I’ve been reading your blog since last summer after finding a link to it in one of your posts on SmartCanucks last year. Love it! It’s always one of my first reads for the day.

    Nancy says: Well thanks for commenting and visiting! I love “meeting” my readers hee hee :)

  5. I am of course loving that skirt still! And the Anthro top…swoon! I like the big image where you can see everything and the details of each outfit! Wish I were dedicated enough to take a pic every day….I’m lucky to get out the door!

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